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Behind enemy lines: Where are the Ravens vulnerable to the Broncos?

On Broncos Country Tonight, Ken Weinman told the guys the Baltimore linebackers could be an issue vs Denver.

Through three games, teams are still trying to find their identity.

For the Denver Broncos, it’s whether this start is “real” or not.

For the Baltimore Ravens, at least in the opinion of Ken Weinman, it’s their identity on offense. When you lose JK Dobbins and Gus Edwards to injuries and have an offensive line that isn’t good right now, that makes it a little bit harder. As Weinman said, quarterback Lamar Jackson will drive the bus for the Ravens rushing attack, but through three games, they still don’t know what they have outside of him.

On Broncos Country Tonight with Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright, the guys went behind enemy lines with Weinman to get a feel for Baltimore and the matchups that will be key to the game on Sunday.

The biggest issues for the Ravens, at least on defense, maybe the linebackers and secondary. On the show, Weinman said the linebackers couldn’t cover anybody and that the Detroit Lions figured that out at halftime. Denver maybe able do the same on Sunday. As for the secondary ...

“If Avery can play, they’re OK,” Weinman said. “The problem is Marcus Peters isn’t walking back through the door this year, and Peters made that secondary so dynamic because he’s such a ballhawk and can change games.