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Can the Broncos offense return to their early season form?

George Chahrouri joined Ryan and Ben on Broncos Country Tonight to go over Denver’s issues.

Are the offensive issues that the Denver Broncos are having at this point all that surprising? George Chahrouri of PFF joined Ryan and Ben on Broncos Country Tonight to talk about the recent offensive issues.

The equation that should add up to a trip to the playoffs, according to George, is the offense playing well, and the defense carrying the team. The last three weeks, that is not what has happened for Denver.

The Broncos are an average to bottom half of the league offense. Expectations for fans may have shifted after the first three weeks of the season. Still, the formula for success was going to always be the defense carrying the offense.

There are two problems with that. First, the defense has looked bad in recent weeks. It can’t be ignored that the Broncos have issues in the secondary, which was supposed to be a strength of the team. Injuries to both starting ILB don’t help. And consistently dropping the best pass rusher of a generation into coverage might not be the recipe for success that Vic Fangio hoped it would be.

The second problem is putting players into a position to succeed. Fangio’s hand picked OC, Pat Shurmur, seems to struggle with this concept. This leads to a question from Ben about whether or not Drew Lock wasn’t the problem all along.

The possibility is there that Lock might be better in a different system. The same could be said for Teddy Bridgewater. Either way, the notion that the play caller isn’t calling plays that will put the team in the best position to win has to be addressed.

It’s not a topic that hasn’t been covered. Shurmur’s play calling has been suspect. A switch a QB isn’t going to change who he is, or how he calls a game. That right there has the potential to keep this team from making any type of serious playoff run.