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2021: Broncos vs. Browns - Live updates

The Denver Broncos are reeling from a three game skid and now face a short week on the road against the Cleveland Browns on Thursday Night Football.

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Las Vegas Raiders v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos (3-3) have hit a brick wall after winning their first three games of the season and that brick wall only seemed to get thicker with each passing game. Now they take on the Cleveland Browns (3-3) who hit a different kind of brick wall of their own - injuries.

In-game updates

Game preview

September was a time of unicorns and rainbows, while October has been fire and brimstone. These are the two months of Broncos football, but that could all change again after tonight. The injury brick wall the Browns have hit has taken out both of their starting running backs, Baker Mayfield, and two of their starting wide receivers. It’s been a bad couple of weeks for them with it all coming to a head on a short week with the Broncos coming to town.

That should be a winnable situation for Vic Fangio and this coaching staff, but they have yet to prove they are capable of much of anything when things look winnable against a good team. It could go either way and given that reality, I decided to put my faith in Denver and predict a win tonight to get this season back on track a bit heading into a mini-bye thanks to the early game this week.

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Broncos-Browns live updates