Put Drew Lock in now…..

Reasons for this impulsive halftime post:

1. Teddy Bridgewater is hurt

2. Teddy Bridgewater is not playing well

3. Teddy Bridgewater has not played well recently

4. Not changing when something isn’t working is the definition of insanity (Trust me when I say Vic Fangio and Pat Shurmur share the blame as well, trust me this is not a hate on Teddy Post)

5. We need a spark (not just in this browns game but in the rest of the season)

6. I’d rather watch Drew Fail/succeed, then watch them sell us that Teddy is gonna make us a playoff team with short passes and average decision making.

7. We were told they were "equal" in preseason

8. (please feel free to add to this list)

I have been an avid Denver fan my entire life. And while it hasn’t been a long life, and I’ve enjoyed the success the Broncos have had. I will continue to root for them every season regardless. It is just so tiring watching the same thing game after game, year after year.

If I were to tell you of a football team, that at least held their ground on defense, and their offense hasn’t been able to do anything for 4 straight years….. who do you think of. Does this story sound familiar?

This may not be popular with everyone, and again, I like Teddy. He seems like a good guy, good player, and I truly wish circumstances were different. But look at the rookie QBs this season. Now one is performing at an "elite" level. Drew is basically a QB with 1 year of experience.

Denver Fans need something to root for. I miss splash plays, and exciting football. Out of the past couple losing seasons, I’ve never felt more down-hearted during a losing streak then I do right now. Drew very well may not be the answer (trust me I’m very skeptical), and that’s okay, but I’d rather we try to win with a QB that has only played 16 or so games, than continue to waste another season wondering "What if Drew had won the preseason battle". I will always love Denver, and hope they can win any game…. But this losing streak, and this first half of the browns game have been tough to watch.

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