We have more problems than Coaching and QB

We all know that TB was not the long term answer as a starting QB, and it more than clear that Fangio, Shurmur and the rest of the staff is not here for long. But lets be clear, this team has some fundamental problems that have to change. Lets start with the obvious...

Ownership, if anything is clear, it is that leadership starts at the top, we have no leadership at the top, no direction, this franchise is like a rudderless ship with no captain drifting in the sea. Basically subject to where the currents take us. I have harped about this issue for what seems like way too long, but the sooner we sell, the better off we will all be. While I respect and love what Pat Bowlen did for the Broncos (with the exception of forcing a tax on the citizens to fund a new stadium by threatening to leave), his prodiginine are not clones of Pat Bowlen, and whatever side of the fence you come out on for having the team remain in the Bowlen family, one thing is clear, the current list of Bowlen kids appear to be nothing more than spoiled humans who are looking at losing financial revenue over actually wanting a winning and iconic franchise in Denver. Which leads me to my next point.

We have lost our identity. Or maybe I should reshape that, we have forgotten our identity. For the better part of the past 4 decades the Broncos had been a franchise that no one wanted to play in Mile High, that was seen as a franchise that was always trying to to win, trying to get better, was chasing to be the best, and on a few occasions got to the top of the mountain. And while there was a few down years scattered in between, when we did have a down year, the screws were turned to quickly try rectify the situation. We were always striving to be better, we always had an attitude that we could win any game, and we surely had an attitude if a team came to Mile High they were not going home with an easy win. While offensive and defensive philosophies and talents shifted through the decades, we always were about being better. Can we honestly say that over the last 6 years? Can we honestly say this team has an identity other than a team that wears orange and blue and more likely than not is going to lose a game on any given Sunday and move on to doing the exact same thing next Sunday. There is no urgency from the players, no issue with losing, they are still getting their pay checks, and most of them know they will either get paid here or somewhere else, so it doesn't matter in the end for them. There is no expectations and I point to issue one for that, leading to issue two.

The last issue is we have no core, no heart, this kind of goes to items one or two, but outside of Von Miller and maybe Justin Simmons, who is the core or heart of this team. Who is truly indispensable. Who would you never trade or give up. Honestly, I can't think of anyone on the current roster I would not trade or give up at this point. Both our defensive and offensive lines are filled with players who have a hard time producing series in or series out. Honestly, our best player is likely our kicker, think about that for a minute. Of all the players we have on this team, the best player is the kicker. When you grade our players against other in the league, they are some that I think have potential to be excellent, like Simmons and maybe Sutton, Juedy, PS2, and you have Von who has proved to be a great player in the past but is now easily schemed for since we have no other quality players on defense. No one is holding each other accountable, no one is expecting the others to make a play, no one is playing with a fire and an intensity of not wanting to lose.

And while I would love to simply get a better HC and a better QB and have everything turn around, I really don't think that is going to be the case until these other fundamental issues change. Until we have leadership, an winning identity and a heart or core, re arranging the deck chairs really is not going to solve the issues of floating through the sea aimlessly. It may be even more impressive what Peyton Manning was able to do during his time here where he basically at least solved 2 of the 3 issues highlighted. While maybe if we can lure Aaron Rogers he may provide a similar spark and relief, that's still a a big maybe.

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