Blow the whole thing up

I've had it. I'm sick and $%&@ing tired of the loser mentality that has infested this team, from Joe Ellis and John Elway all the way down through each and every coach, and right on down through the lack of production from the offense, the defense, and the special teams.

The NFL is not a try-hard sport. It is a production sport. If you don't produce, you lose. If you lose, you deserve to be fired.

McManus is the only individual who actually performs on this team. He's the ONLY player meeting expectations.

Fire every damn last coach, trade away every last player, and bring in guys off the street for open tryouts if you have to. But until every person not named George Paton is gone from the front office and players not named McManus start actually producing results on the field, I'm done.

I'm not going to any games. I'm not purchasing any merch. I'm not buying any product advertised during a Broncos game. In fact, I'm going to boycott any company who does have an advertisement on during the Broncos games.

And I'm going to adopt, or co-opt, a negative cheer that is currently making its rounds throughout the country. I will be cheering for one man, and one man alone on the Broncos team, until the house is cleaned.

Let's Go Brandon!

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