I know these are human beings, but I need to let this out!

I think one word to sum up this season is LOST:

· Lost: the Offensive line. Name 1 starter that is player better than last year?

· Lost: The Defensive line, the only player I see matching last year is Purcell! Williams and Harris have NOT held the line of scrimmage. Jones has been OK, backups are bad!

· Lost: Play calling when you can not control either line of scrimmage! Screens, draw plays, shovel passes, these are compensating items for poor line play.

· Lost: YAC for the passing game. All our completions seem to be short of the marker and stopped or near stopped routes. If you throw short, then throw to playing on a full run! Less curls and square ins that have WR stop.

· Lost: Run Defense with a 6 man box. PLEASE stop the RUN first, then button up the pass defense. Never play a 6 man box vs TE! Our Offense is consistently facing 8 man boxes, so maybe we should at least have a 7 man box!

· Lost: Defensive players knowing the plays BEFORE the ball is snapped! PLEASE simplify the game plan. NO ONE can succeed if they all are not on the same page!

· Lost: Our money players playing like it ($5M plus). This is a BIG one for me!:

1. Miller at $22M, not playing to pay!

2. Glasgow at $11.8M, not playing to pay!

3. Fuller at $9.4M, benched!

4. Gordon: $8.9M, playing as expected but passed by rookie on talent.

5. Callahan $8.2, playing to money, had a great season

6. Simmons $5.75M, not playing to pay.

7. Bolles $5M, not playing to pay!

· Lost: Defenses ability to tackle, use your arms! This is not camp. No thuds and do not strip, just tackle.

· Lost: Ability to make changes and to self-diagnose. Change something, even if it’s wrong. At least I know your trying!

· Lost: Players and coaches with a healthy fear of losing their jobs! Cut someone, just to wake up the rest!

· Lost: Leadership form the top down. This cannot continue, but the business side of the Broncos is completely paralyzed! We need strong ownership and accountability.

· Lost: 'Special' teams: I wave the white flag! Every kickoff out of end zone, every punt 45 yards and out of bounds. We consistently lose in this phase. Just control the damage. New guys are not helping, but that is NO EXCUSE! Our Special teams ace (Ford) has like 4 or 5 penalties already!

· Lost: Players have quit on this regime. We need a dramatic shift to re-awaken this roster. Effort is not there, buy-in is not there, players are not locked into what coaching is planning. I know how bad this is, but I really believe this is the case. Our guys are playing for next team, not this team!

· Lost: Maximizing talent. When is the last time the product on the field has exceeded the perceived talent on paper! Its been a while!

· Changes:

1. OL: Glasgow to C, add Muti and Meinerz. This line is bad in current state, so shake things up! Run should be better even if pass slips a little

2. Running Game: Move to more of a simple power scheme, as pin & pull is NOT working. Stay with it, as we RARELY run two running plays in a row!

3. Passing Game: reset to quick passing game, emphasizing movement and YAC.

4. Run Defense: No 6 man boxes unless 4 wide sets. Run D has suffered from light boxes.

5. Pass Defense: Simplify to allow talent to play free. Only play 3 coverages if that is what it takes! We must fix the communication issues!

6. LB's: Pray and Trade. We need help for ILB's as Strand and Robinson are not cutting it. They were completely unblocked at times as mis-read the play/hole. We need a 2 down run thumper. This is out of vogue, so should get a rental for a Day 3 pick.

Sorry, just had to let this out!

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