Deshaun Watson: The Only Possible Happy Ending For Paton's Broncos

All jokes aside, Deshaun Watson once again is surfacing as the light at the end of this tunnel of mediocrity. Here's the the case for why George Paton needs to take the the biggest risk in franchise history in pursuit of biggest ROI in franchise history. Below are 10 reasons as to why Paton needs to win the Watson sweepstakes or risk never being an NFL GM ever again at the end of 6 years.

  1. We are currently the cellar dwellers of the AFC West it's hard to hurt yourself falling when you are already laying splattered across rock bottom. Which is where the Broncos have been since the final days of the Vance Joseph tenure never mind this current farce of a coaching staff. The risk of going after Watson cannot possibly make anything worse. We win too much to get prospects like Trevor Lawrence and lose too much to ever sniff the playoffs. We are even worse than the Jaguars in that regard.
  2. The Deshaun Watson legal problems have just as much red flags pointing toward a frame-job and extortion/blackmail as any argument for that he's actually guilty. There is too much reasonable doubt and the timing was always suspect.
  3. Regardless of your stance on point #2, the fact is Watson has one of the best if not the best legal defense attorney's money can buy not only in Texas but across the US. Rusty Hardin is an elite defense attorney with an incredible defense case record and overall resume. This case is NOT going to the criminal courts and will either die or be settled privately behind the scenes between Hardin and the prosecutor.
  4. Any potential looming suspension for Deshaun Watson could in theory begin to be served this season which is already lost, if the case gets settled and Goodell decides to make a decision. If that suspension is pushed to week 1 of the 2022 season it still does not matter because we can retain Lock or Bridgewater for a reasonable price to play for those 6-8 weeks. Once the suspension is over the whole league and national sports media will move on and it will be a side note once again. Also about as many people think he was framed and that opinion extends inside NFL locker rooms especially with former teammates who knew him.
  5. The upcoming draft class at QB is historically weak, and Aaron Rodgers may fall back in love with the Packers depending on how this season ends for them, he also may just retire.
  6. Because of point #1 we can forget about Arch Manning down the road. The Broncos would be the 5th or 6th overall pick that year and would draft a CB or OLB let's be honest.
  7. The Broncos will never be a prime destination for a prime new owner and for prime free agents without a QB that both feel could actually win games and compete for championships.
  8. Everyone who was banging their drums about not losing draft capital in pursuit of Watson...where are most of those 1st round picks now? The trainer's table. There's zero guarantee that future 1st round picks will provide value for the franchise especially if they are at any position other than QB.
  9. Chiefs are not so scary anymore the KC defense and OL will only get worse before it improves and we have at least tasted victory against Herbert and LA even with Lock at QB.
  10. Watson era helps the transition into the next HC era and sets up the Broncos as a prime destination for top candidates from both the NFL and NCAA. Byron Leftwich calling plays for Deshaun Watson anyone?
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