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Broncos vs. Ravens third quarter recap

The Denver Broncos didn’t give up any points, but their offense was completely anemic with Drew Lock and the Baltimore Ravens ended the quarter driving deep.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens received the ball to start the second half, but the Denver Broncos defense was quick to stop the bleeding from the first half forcing a quick three and out. Teddy Bridgewater was being evaluated for a concussion at halftime, which means the Broncos offense began their first second half drive with Drew Lock under center.

On first down, Lock handed off to Melvin Gordon on first down for a quick five yards. Then on second down he tried to step up into the pocket but was grabbed by the jersey and dragged down for a second yard loss. On third and 12, Lock hit Noah Fant on a slant to pick up the first down.

Using play action on the next set of downs, Lock was chased out and was forced to throw it away. Lock would find Albert Okwuegbunam for a first down on the next play to keep the driving moving.

However, Lock would take the second sack of the drive on first down to pin Denver in a bad second down and distance. On second and 18, Lock got those yards back with a quick screen to Gordon. Then on third and 9, in came the check down pass that wasn’t going to do anything and ended up incomplete anyway to force a Broncos punt.

Denver’s defense continued to turn the corner against the Ravens offense ending Baltimore’s second drive with another sack from rookie Caden Sterns on third and 11.

The Broncos next drive got off to a poor start with Drew Lock missing on a deep pass to an open Courtland Sutton, but that miscue was followed up by a solid 10 yard run by Javonte Williams to get the first down.

After an illegal formation penalty, Lock avoided disaster on the next play overthrowing Tim Patrick and having the ball slip through a Ravens defender’s hands. Patrick was double covered, so that play wasn’t going to be a good one regardless. A quick screen pass to Noah Fant picked up a couple of years, then on third and 12 Lock checks it down to Williams for a couple of yards and a punt.

The third quarter would end with the Ravens driving, while Broncos fans were left wondering how many holds would go uncalled in this game for the Ravens. Drink!