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Broncos vs. Washington score predictions for Week 8

We predict the Denver Broncos finally bounce back in the right direction against the Washington Football Team in Week 8. Here are our score predictions.

At some point the Denver Broncos have to win a game and this might be their best chance to turn things around against a struggling Washington Football Team. It’s the beginning of a three game stretch against NFC East teams. Both WFT and the Philadelphia Eagles are winnable games with a road game against a strong Dallas Cowboys team in between. The Broncos could enter the Bye Week at .500, which isn’t great but not terrible either.

Collectively, we have the Broncos winning this game 20-16 against the Washington Football Team, but at least one of us is calling another Denver loss and a full blown train wreck of a season moving forward. Here is how we see things playing out individually.

Broncos 24, WFT 20

This is the game Denver stops the losing streak. If they can win two of their next three games, the team will go into the Bye Week with some positive momentum. They absolutely need some confidence moving forward or we’re going to see this team just go into full blown collapse mode. Honestly, it could go either way. I’m going with the positive outcome for now. - Tim Lynch

Broncos 20, WFT 17

The Football Team is going to get off to an opening score lead and Broncos Country will get restless as Teddy Bridgewater follows it up with a 3&O. Over the remainder of the contest the defense will buckle down just enough for Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton’s big plays to make the difference. - Joe Rowles

Broncos 17, WFT 13

With a little extra time to heal and prepare, the Broncos should be able to get back winning football. This feels like a battle to see which team is the best of the worst teams in the NFL. In that category, Denver is 3-0. That should continue with a solid defensive effort, and minimal mistakes on offense. - Adam Malnati

WFT 17, Broncos 13

Everything about this game screams win for Denver. That is until you remember who the Broncos offensive coordinator is and you hear his dumbass quote this week about scoring points in the first half. And then you remember how the Browns manhandled Denver’s defensive front 7 and Cleveland’s third-string running back resembled Jim Brown. Do we not expect the WFT to do the exact same thing on Sunday? Everything screams a Broncos win … until you remember it’s the Broncos. - Ian St. Clair

Broncos 30, WFT 20

Teddy Bridgewater will come out and shred this WFT secondary that ranks near the bottom in the league. The addition of Jerry Jeudy in the offense will light a spark and the two will continue their connection they displayed during Training Camp. I have Bridgewater throwing 3 touchdowns and Jeudy topping 100 yards in his return. - Scotty Payne

Broncos 16, WFT 10

Some sparks of hope appear for the Broncos’ offense, but with both Bridgewater and Jeudy at less than 100%, the potential isn’t realized yet. Still, it’s enough to breathe some life into the defense, which finally stiffens ip again when given a chance to play from ahead. Denver ends their losing streak in a game 3rd party fans will probably consider a snoozer. - Taylor Kothe

What is your score prediction for the Broncos-WFT game? Let us know in the comments section below.