My 2 Cents on the Ravens Game

Lets me say this, one thing that was proven this game is that our coaching staff is by far from being elite. Lets start with some of the obvious issues:

Fangio once again shows he only cares about one side of the ball. I know this may be beating a dead horse, but the simple fact that we abandoned the run game is mind boggling. I did get to watch most of the first half of the game and I think we abandoned the run game before the half. This was a very simple issue, we were starting two very inexperienced guards who were struggling somewhat in pass protection but were absolutely dominating in the run game. Why did the Broncos abandon what was working and i their advantage and play into the Ravens hands.

Why do I blame Fangio instead of Schurmer, I blame them both, but the fact is this is Fangio's team, he is the HC, he simply needs to recognize the issue and demand Schurmer start calling more run plays. Several things that happen when you run the ball effectively:

1) Takes time off the clock and wears down a defense, especially playing at mile high.

2) Helps in pass blocking, if defenders have to honor or respect the run they cannot pin their ears back and go hunting for a QB.

3) Helps your defense, longer and sustained drives helps change field position, gives the defensive players an ability to rest.

4) Helps your pass game, by making the play action plays helping to freeze or draw in the LB's and allowing for Denver to exploit where we had a good mismatches over the middle.

5) Gives confidence to a young offensive line, if they are watching Javonte Williams drag people 10 to 15 yards, seeing great runs, they are enthused and energized, they want to impose their will on a team, running it down the throat would of served that purpose.

The fact that our guards were doing a great job in the run game and yet you decide to go away from that is mind boggling decision. If Fangio's reasoning is I don't call the offensive plays, then he isn't the HC. The HC doesn't have to be the play caller but should be able to step in when he sees that the OC is starting to push the wrong buttons repeatedly. The Ravens were daring the Broncos to beat them on the ground, they were not trying to stop the run. They wanted the Broncos to pass knowing they could get pressure at any point and were not scared of getting beat deep.

I won't go into the ST coaching, but again, why is this a weekly issue.

We can argue regarding the affect of our injuries, not having stellar QB play, and letting Lamar Jackson sit back and pick his spots, but end of the day, while I don't know if we would of won the game, it definitely would of been closer and more competitive if there had been someone to recognize the issues at hand and addressed them. The "Patriots Way" is to use players at what they are good at and not ask them to do what they aren't good at, you had an oline that was moving people and making lanes, why did we abandon it. Why did we force two young guards to pass block more than run block.

If we see the same issue next week, then hate to say it but this needs to be the last season for Vic and Company. That may be overly harsh, but we have seen this scenario play out for two years. We don't need to see it continue to happen.

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