Thoughts on the Game at Pittsburgh

Just like we can't rest on wins, same thing applies for losses. So lets look ahead to next week.

So this is one of my hated east coast game with an early start. Playing away we haven't been that good. The Steelers generally have a great crowd although I much prefer the new field versus the old field. I give the Steelers an advantage for this as they will be coming in desperate for a win, playing at home.

Coaching staffs, I give the Steelers the advantage here. We saw last week how Fangio again is not in control of this team and has continued to focus only on the defense. Our ST again had bad plays, and our offensive play calling was beyond bad in the 2nd half.

Broncos Offense versus Steelers Defense. With Drew Lock likely getting his first start of the season, I don't see the Broncos offense being able to withstand the Steelers defense. Unless Schurmer and Company can get the ground game to be effective for 4 quarters, I think it is going to be a long day for Lock. While I generally would say that our WR/TEs should have an advantage against the Steelers DBs, I don't see that Lock is accurate enough nor can he read the defense quickly enough to make correct reads and throws consistently. I give the Steelers the advantage here.

Steelers Offense versus Broncos Defense. I think the Steelers offense is probably one of the worst in the league, mainly because their offensive line is bad. I do think the Broncos Defense has a good advantage of here especially in the front seven. Ben is still capable of solid play, but being more immobile and an easier target to get down, the Broncos should have the ability to get a few pickoffs this game. I give the Broncos the advantage here.

While before TB injury I would of picked the Broncos, I have little faith in Lock or Schurmer to put the Broncos offense in good positions consistently. I think this is going to be a low scoring and ugly game. I also think the Steelers are going to be playing desperate, as if they go down 1-4, their season is done, this is a must win for them. So sadly I think this will be a Steelers win Steelers 13 Broncos 9

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