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The Broncos will need to fix a few things moving forward

Andrew Mason joined Broncos Country Tonight to go over what problems the Broncos need to fix

When the Denver Broncos lost to the Baltimore Ravens, it was obvious that there were still areas that needed be addressed. Andrew Mason joined Ryan and Ben on Broncos Country Tonight to discuss what Denver needs to fix.

Mase and Ben both brought up personnel packages on offense. Essentially, the Broncos seemed to go away from their strength on offense. With Albert Okwuegbunam dropping a pass, it makes sense that they would have gone away from multiple tight end sets.

Going away from your strength because you are afraid Albert O. is going to drop the ball seems like a bad idea. When the Broncos get away from who they are, they are going to have problems. They don’t have the luxury of being a team that can play away from their strengths and still be successful.

On top of some of the issues with play calling, the injuries are adding up. Mase brought up the issues with injuries to Graham Glasgow and Dalton Risner having implications throughout the offense. KJ Hamler and Jerry Jeudy hurt the offense from a deep threat perspective.

It’s difficult to win games with all the injuries mounting up. On both sides of the ball, they are close to not being able to overcome the injuries. The play calling, and style of play will be affected, making things difficult.

The Steelers provide a bounce-back opportunity, but the play calling will have to get better if the Broncos are going to get a win.