The Pivot: How the departure of Von Miller and the Arrival of Kenny Young will turn this franchise around

Ok, the provocation to Broncos fans is nearly over after that headline. But, I wanted your attention and hopefully I now have it.

I've been singing from the rooftops that until we solve the ownership issue, and until that owner has qualities similar to that of the great Pat Bowlen, this franchise would suffer. Well, I think I've been at least partially proven right and proven wrong. The bottom line: this franchise needs leadership demanding excellence and have the people to legitimately hold people accountable.

Von Miller is everything that we loved about the Broncos up through the 2015 SB50 win. I believe that Von would have never reached otherworldly status without Demarcus Ware - a legitimate leader that has more to do with the SB50 win than Von or PFM. Time for some spice: Since 2015, Von has been an overpaid part time effort player who's status did not allow him to be held accountable by anyone. Even new GM George Paton lost in a staring contest this offseason to Von and his agent. Von was holding the defense, and the team, back from anyone being held accountable. Von could do anything he wanted by taking plays off, not following up his talk on the field and no one would be able to bring him to a renewed, higher standard. Von had to go and if Paton recognized that and it drove him to make the trade to help the team culture, then he's brilliant.

Remember, I love Von. I hope he plays this week for the Rams, finds that old spark and gets another ring. I wish him the absolute best. I'll be a little bit pissed that he allowed himself to quit on the Broncos but it won't dampen my smile much.

I loved the way Teddy talks about Kenny:

Enter Kenny Young. He made it quite clear in his first presser that he was pissed he was traded away from a winner to the Broncos who were trending hard down - like spiraling down. Honesty and transparency? Hallmark of great leadership. Check. Then he hits the locker room and immediately broadcasts that the standard is too low and needs to be raised. Check. Then he hits the practice field and backs up his claim with hard work to prepare. Check. Then he hits the field and works his butt off and walks the walk. Check. He has the talent to be a legitimate impact player in a key position at ILB.

The trade of Von Miller out of our locker room and the arrival of Kenny Young will be the pivot for the franchise. Von was holding the franchise back from being able to allow a legitimate leader like Young to step in and take the reins.

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