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How many wins will the Broncos end up with this season?

Optimism is returning to Broncos Country after a big road upset of the Dallas Cowboys in Week 9. So how many wins do we think they end up with by seasons’ end?

What better way to celebrate a big road win than to project our optimism on the rest of the season? That’s what we did in this weeks’ DraftKings Sportsbook SB Nation Reacts survey. Personally, I voted for 9 wins, but I hope they reach the 10 win mark. While 9-8 is still disappointing and likely not a playoff spot, it would be a huge step in the right direction for Vic Fangio as a head coach and the Denver Broncos as a franchise in the post-Manning era.

Looking over the remaining Broncos 2021 schedule, I see three very winnable games against the Philadelphia Eagles, Detroit Lions, and Cincinnati Bengals, and then five AFC West division games. If they take care of business against those first three (all at home) that gets them to 8 wins. I would hope from there that winning 1 of 5 in the AFC West is something this team could do.

Interestingly, 79% of fans voted this team would win between 8-10 games and from that schedule post I linked above from May I also ran a poll asking how many games this team would win and only 73% believed they would win between 8-11 games. It would appear our collective optimism is growing as the season progresses.

One of the other pieces of that weekly fan survey was the overall confidence level in the team. This is what a V-shaped recovery looks like. From a rock bottom 3% in Week 7 after an ugly home loss to the Las Vegas Raiders, back up to 65% this week is quite the turnaround.

Winning obviously builds momentum on these surveys as does losing. I’ve noticed that the swings are huge between the 20s, but it takes winning streaks or losing streaks to break through below 20% and above 80%. A win this week over the Philadelphia Eagles would give Denver a three-game winning streak heading into the Bye Week, so we could see confidence surge with a win there.

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