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Broncos vs. Eagles score predictions for Week 10

The Denver Broncos are coming off a big win last week. Can they continue the streak with a win at home over the Philadelphia Eagles?

The negativity over last week’s score predictions quickly turned into optimistic jubilation a mere 24 hours later when the Denver Broncos played their best game in quite a while to dominate a playoff caliber team in the Dallas Cowboys. They will look to add to that success and a three-game win streak with a win here in Week 10 over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Only one of us think Denver might be in trouble this week, but most of us are proceeding with cautious optimism with a collective score prediction of Broncos 26-18 over the Eagles. Here is how we see things playing out individually.

Broncos 24, Eagles 20

It’s hard to be definitive one way or another with this Broncos’ team after their big win last week. Is it a signature win that spurs them to new heights or was an aberration? The first answer to that question begins in Week 10. The Eagles aren’t as bad as their record and can hang points on anyone. I think it’ll end up being a lot closer than people think, but I’ll take the Broncos here at home in a close one. - Tim Lynch

Broncos 34, Eagles 17

Shurmur said he doesn’t believe in letdown games at his Thursday press conference, so I fully expect the offense to get off to a slow start on Sunday. Ultimately, it won’t matter so long as Teddy Bridgewater stays upright, which makes the Broncos’ offensive line with three backups starting the x-factor to keep an eye on. Fletcher Cox headlines a talented Philly front that has the personnel to win individual battles, but the Eagles don’t play many games up front and have rarely blitzed this year. As a result, Jonathon Gannon’s defense has allowed six different passers to complete 80% of their passes through nine games, a historical level of ineptitude.

I expect Fangio to try and run a version of the game plan he implemented against Lamar Jackson and try to make Jalen Hurts win from within the pocket. That could lead to a bit of a gimped pass rush because Jonathon Cooper and the rest of the edge rushers will also prioritize contain against outside runs and read concepts. This will put stress on the secondary to hold up in coverage. As I write this it looks as if Patrick Surtain II will miss the game, which means Kyle Fuller will have downfield snaps against DeVonta Smith. Despite losing both of their starting guards to Injured Reserve, the Eagles have done pretty well in pass protection most of the season and they average over five yards per carry on the ground.

As far as special teams, Tom McMahon’s proven himself capable of fudging up in any situation across the season. The Broncos have allowed two blocks and had a near miss in Cleveland, so that’s a concern. Jalen Reagor’s also the kind of explosive house threat who could really challenge the Broncos’ coverage units. - Joe Rowles

Broncos 21, Eagles 13

If it’s a question of talent, the Broncos should win the game. Vic Fangio had his defense ready for the Cowboys, and it seems likely they can carry that over against Philly. The question mark is obviously, what will the offense look like with Pat Shurmur unavailable to call plays. One might argue that this is a blessing in disguise. I think the offense gets three scores, and the defense gives up some garbage time scores, and they hold on for a win that keeps them in the playoff hunt. - Adam Malnati

Broncos 27, Eagles 24

Almost a week later, I still have no idea what to make of the Broncos’ stomping of the Cowboys. But I’m choosing positivity this week and think Denver will parlay that win in Dallas to a close win over the Eagles. - Ian St. Clair

Eagles 27, Broncos 23

The Broncos have done nothing but infuriate their fan bases’ hopes for a good season all year with constant ups and downs. After a dominating win against the Cowboys, of course they are going to come back down to earth. The defense will let too many big plays happen and the offense will make us want to pull our hair out. Broncos lose in a close one. - Sadaraine

Broncos 27, Eagles 9

It’s going to be interesting with Pat Shurmur out, but we’ll catch a glimpse of whether his play calling tends to hurt or help the offense (since he won’t be the guy this time). Of course anything could happen, and we may or may not need to rely heavily on our secondary, but I’m feeling confident after that win vs Cowboys. The Broncos will have no issue serving up some Eagle stew this Sunday and that’s my take. - Elizabeth

What is your score prediction for the Broncos-Eagles game? Let us know in the comments section below.