Paton's Plan

This is what I speculate George Payton the GM of the Broncos is thinking. It is intended to be a thought- provoking civilized discussion. If you disagree, please discuss your reasons. Thanks!

Fangio/coach – Punt on the decision until the end of the season where I have more data to work with. Changing coaches right now isn’t going to send the message that I want. It may get results this season. It may not. What firing him right now would do is say that the coaches don’t really have my support. I need that confidence for my next HC. 60% Fangio goes, 40% he stays because maybe I can’t get anything better currently.

QB – Well my low cost / possible high reward didn’t pay off with TB. Couldn’t find anything better though considering the long-term health of the Broncos. Time to look at the draft and possible FA QB’s in 2022. How does the draft class of 2023 look? Last option sign TB or roll with Lock. Not great options because I don’t know what I have in Lock. This needs more data and/or time too. This also depends who my coach is for 2022/2023.

Players –

Gordon – contract only if I get a fantastic deal. I have Williams RB1, Boone as RB2 and some options on the practice squad or UDFA for RB3.

1 of the next 2 might not get done depending on negotiations.

Sutton – Not a market resetting deal 16-18 mil per year could get it done.

Patrick – WR3 money probably gets this deal done.

Jewell, Young, Johnson

2 of the 3 need contracts.

Jewell and Young are my choices. They shouldn’t be too expensive.

Oline -

There's a couple of good centers in the draft. Is Cush developing? Meinerz at RG? Glasgow looks expensive for next year. Maybe he takes a restructure?

RT could use a more permanent solution. FA first, if not draft.

I probably have missed some things. What are your thoughts Broncos country?

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