DANGER TO MANIFOLD! Don't let us be Last and Delirious, George Paton.

From a lesser known scene in the very first Fast and Furious movie, one of the supervising detectives of the lead character stops a frustrated Brian (Paul Walker) searching for answers in his investigation and tells him:

"It's Toretto Brian, It's always been Torretto"

For the Denver Broncos, "It's Quarterback George, it's always been Quarterback" LOL

But the Broncos have so many more issues than just at QB!

Yes, that is true at a micro level of managerial thinking and those who say this are not wrong. However as we all saw Teddy fail to hit throws and fail to attempt a tackle after an INT, the lack of leadership on the field has never been more glaring (and we all know the lack of leadership on the sidelines from our HC). Yes it is not the QB's duty to have open field tackling skills of a free safety but there's never been an occasion where the Tom Brady's or Peyton Manning's of the world haven't attempted to make tackles after throwing picks. It's that effort (whether futile or not) that reflects LEADERSHIP.

That's a low blow to question the leadership of Teddy or Drew.

I am not saying Teddy or Drew aren't leaders, I am just saying not everyone is George Washington at Valley Forge or George S. Patton at Bastogne France. Elite QB's bounce back from failures. Not all leaders are created equal.

The Broncos need leaders, they need a new owner to lead the franchise into the post Bowlen era, they need a forward thinking coach who understands the evolving nature of NFL football and NFL rule makers. This league now rewards teams with top 10 offenses with above-average defenses. The 2015 Broncos were the end of an era, I do not think we will see an NFL defense that dominant ever again with the evolving pro-offense rules. Therefore, Fangio and his entire scheme is a relic of NFL years gone by, Fangio's scheme is Blockbuster and the NFL is moving to Netflix.

The 2020 Tampa Bay Bucs proved that defense can still shut down high powered offenses like KC's.

They also had Tom Brady who threw 40 regular season TD passes and 10 post season TD passes and would not have made the SB without elite QB production in the playoffs. That type of QB production cannot be found on a budget or in this paltry upcoming draft. Would they have even made the SB without Brady's ability to bury past mistakes and rally? Which is exactly how he beat Green Bay in NFC Title Game.

Broncos need a new owner and a better head coach, how does finding a QB solve this?

What owner or elite HC candidate in their right mind would want to go to the Broncos without a QB? If you are an elite HC candidate and know that this opportunity may never come to you again why would you pick a team without a QB going into a historically weak QB draft class? Every other bad team in the NFL who will be looking for a HC in 2022 has a better QB situation/plan than the Broncos.

If you are an owner prospect who cares about winning (what Broncos fans should want) why do you invest in a team without a real QB and without a promising HC that believes in his QB? This dooms us to settling for some non football interested financial mogul or ownership group who could care less about football and just wants to park money.

So what is the plan?

Why draft in the weakest QB draft on memory (2022) when two blue chip All-American caliber QB recruits from two power programs were ignored in 2021 draft? Why be cheap with generic journeymen free agents when the 2022 Broncos cap room will be 2nd highest in the NFL? Money isn't productive in your account, re-invest that money into an appreciating asset George! We are sitting on inflating currency and paying interest in L's.

George Paton, therefore has two options at QB heading into 2022's offseason if he is not planning on retiring in 5 years and just took this job to get out of Minnesota to retire in Colorado. Acquire #12 from Green Bay or #4 from Houston or start packing George. Cooper already hinted that Arch is playing 4 full years once in college so he gets his degree so Paton cannot even hedge his bet on that. We will know by March or April of 2022 if George Paton just came to CO to ski and golf 5 years from now.

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