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The Broncos don’t fully understand the importance of accountability

The Denver Broncos lack consistency which comes from a lack of leadership. Accountability is of the utmost importance as the Broncos struggle to improve as a team.

Denver Broncos v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

One of the most notable frustrations when watching how things fall out after Denver Broncos’ losses in the past 5 years is the lack of accountability from all angles.

“Quarterbacks” who have no business starting get handed the reigns of the team for a whole year with a GM not getting any other viable player on the roster that would give the team a better chance.

Head coaches when asked questions about losses talk about how “we had a good practice.”

Special Teams coordinators stay on the team fully employed after multiple years of being absolutely suckstastic at their jobs.

And this week, we get to talk about Teddy Bridgewater’s lack of effort in tackling with nary a whisper about the core issue with Sunday’s fumble return for a TD: the fumble itself by Melvin Gordon III.

I’m happy to hear Teddy taking ownership of his pathetic effort:

“I felt — and I owned up to it — it’s unacceptable as a football player, as a member of this team. We play this game and you lay it all on the line every week, and that’s one of those moments where I’ve just got to accept the fact that I didn’t give everything I had in me on that play.”

I’m curious though where the talk from and about Melvin Gordon III is. He took the podium after the game and brushed off accountability by mentioning the need to just put two hands on it as he meandered through his response.

I’m not sure why one guy is getting the limelight when he’s never in that position in the first place if the Broncos starting running back just does what every Pop Warner player is taught and get two hands on the ball when you are running in traffic.

And don’t get me started on how I’m wondering why more of the coaching staff isn’t showing accountability with benching players, firing coordinators, or doing anything that looks like real leadership from someone in charge who wants to win football games.

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