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The Broncos reach the bye week with an identity crisis

Broncos Country might be broken, but the Broncos still have a shot at the playoffs

In the most frustrating manner possible, the Denver Broncos arrived at their bye week with a record of 5-5. The clichéd rollercoaster gave Broncos Country tremendous highs, and devastating lows.

On the MHR Radio Podcast, I told Ian St. Clair that I believed Broncos Country was broken. What broke us? The rollercoaster.

We have spent the last 5 and a half seasons following a franchise that has no identity, no owner, no franchise QB, and no direction. We have pinned our hopes on first round draft picks, veteran retreads, and a kid from Missouri that just hasn’t panned out. It’s been Cleveland Browns level bad.

Frankly, it has become a little exhausting. Choosing to believe in the process, and then having that process result in failure is not an enjoyable experience. But 2021 was going to be different. Undefeated in the preseason, and a 3-0 start in the regular season had most of us finding a little bit of NFL joy.

The joy disappeared in a month of losing. The win against the Dallas Cowboys seemed to be a turning point, but was an aberration. Darius Slay returned a fumble, ran past a lackluster attempt at a tackle by Teddy Bridgewater, and the Broncos lost a home game against a team that should have never been a factor.

We crashed back down to Earth.

And now we argue on Twitter, and get angry about who should be the starting QB. We call for Vic Fangio to be fired. We believe Pat Shurmur is awful at his job. We wonder about George Paton’s abilities as a GM. We are frustrated, and we are tired.

However, the bye week comes with a silver lining. At 5-5, the Broncos are still in the hunt for the playoffs. They even have a chance at the AFC West. In back to back weeks they had their biggest win and loss since Super Bowl 50. If they can find the form that helped them beat the Cowboys, they could find themselves playing meaningful football after Week 18.

If they play like the team that lost to the Eagles, they will be lucky to beat the Lions.