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Broncos need to rely on their strengths in remaining 7 games

That means letting Sutton and Patrick go up for more 50=50 balls - and handing off to Javonte Williams to break a bunch of tackles and get another 15 yards.

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Denver Broncos v Cleveland Browns Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Good morning, Broncos Country!

It’s been a lot of doom and gloom this week after the Broncos’ pathetic showing against the Eagles - made worse by the fact that the previous week they had looked so dominant against a real contender.

And there was the Teddy Bridgewater no-tackle-on-the-fumble drama ... because of course there’s drama.

So instead of going into the Bye Week feeling confident about their chances to mount a valiant second-half-of-the-season comeback effort against division rivals - possibly even contending for the AFC West - the Broncos are spending their weekend off with far more questions than answers.

Such as...

Why can’t our offense/OC consistently figure out how/when to lean on the run game and when to push the ball downfield through the air?

Why can’t our coaching staff get the team better prepared for what they’re going to face with an upcoming opponent and draw up at least a halfway decent game plan to go up against what they studied on film all week?

When will Tom McMahon be fired?

It’s frustrating to watch this team. One game they’ve figured it out and are firing on all cylinders; the next week it’s chaos theory for the game plan.

Injuries haven’t made it easy as the Broncos’ best run defenders are either on IR or in LA. And the offensive line has been a rotating carousel of backups.

But even with those challenges, this team has squandered too many opportunities that cannot be excused by injuries.

I don’t know that even short-term fixes are really possible, but there seem to be some obvious things that would certainly help.

Get Courtland Sutton/Tim Patrick involved more

Andrew Mason of DNVR has observed that Bridgewater likes to only throw the deep ball when conditions seem perfect and there’s a lot of room for his receiver to catch the pass.

But Sutton and Patrick are big-bodied receivers built to go after the 50-50 ball. And more times than not, those two have proved they can win that matchup. So throw them the 50-50 ball!

Bridgewater needs to trust those guys and not wait so long for the ideal situation. It will never be perfect, and that’s exactly when Sutton and Patrick are your perfect choices.

Take advantage of Jerry Jeudy’s specialty

Everyone knows Jeudy is fast. And everyone knows he is shifty and great at getting separation.


AJ Schulte and Tim Jenkins both pointed out in film analysis of the Dallas game that Pat Shurmur had Jerry Jeudy doing all kinds of interesting things other than just running the go route - and it made for a much more creative offense while expanding Bridgewater’s options.

And more importantly, keeping the defense guessing.

Feed Javonte Williams

Like how many times do we need to say this? Javonte Williams is good. He’s breaking more tackles than anyone else in the league.

In fact, maybe give him the ball every play? OK, don’t do that. But at least give Williams and Melvin Gordon the ball more than 18 times a game.

We already know what Williams is going to do if he gets the ball - break 10 tackles (maybe a few ankles) and keep on truckin’ down the field.

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