The Elephant in the Room

With a week off, to stew, simmer, growl, and just get into a general funk. Lets talk QBs. Here's my two cents for what it's worth. I trust the following plan with Paton. I am going to assume the following.

1) Paton was told that Fangio and Company would have one season to show they could turn this thing around or actually show they know what they are doing.

2) Paton likely assumed Paton and Company were going to disappoint but worked to get Fangio players that could help him right now.

3) It was obvious that Paton was trying to get Stafford, Rams gave up a better package, he obviously tried to work something out with the Packers for Rogers abut Packers were not going to move Rogers, and I am sure he was looking at Watson before the other items came out. So he went and got TB who he knew could at least with the right conditions be a competent QB over what we had currently, and all it cost us was a 6th round draft choice, which in the grand scheme of things was pretty reasonable.

4) Paton also knew TB was likely not going to be the long term solution, hence he is allowing him to play out his contract with the ability to either move on or resign him depending on how things play out for the season. With TB there definitely is freedom to move on or keep him as a bridge QB.

5) Going into the draft, I am sure Fangio and Company were asking for a player in the first round who could play right away, cause for them it's about winning this season, they were in no mode to try to develop another QB. Likewise, going into the draft, if Paton in his heart understands the likelihood of Fangio and company showing deserve to be kept around for another season, why are you going to draft a QB who may not be what the next coach wants. So we can blame him for passing on Fields or Jones, but honestly, do you actually think either QB would of been able to succeed in Denver this year with the current makeup of this staff? So Paton pushed the decision off another season and focused on players who could potentially help now.

6) He knows we are going a different direction in QB next season, hence shipping Von off and stockpiling some draft capital to either make a trade for an current player (Rogers, Wilson, maybe Watson if his legal issues get cleared), or have the ability to move up in the draft to get the QB he and new coaching staff wants. He also knows this team won't be picking in the top ten and won't be picking in the back twenty, so he is making sure he is looking at different scenarios as far as the QB picture for next year. We won't be the only team looking for a new signal caller, the Steelers, Lions, Panthers, Texans, Giants, WFT, likely the Falcons, potentially the Colts may be looking for new starting QBs this offseason. So he knows like anytime you don't have a clear cut QB1 on the roster, you are going to be competing with other teams in the market for limited resources. He has now the ammo with salary cap space and draft picks to position well for next offseason.

7) Drew Lock is not starting for the following reasons - he sucks. Everyone in that building knows it, including Paton. Does that mean TB is a great or even good QB, no, does it mean TB is going to at least give the Broncos a better shot at winning, yes. Does it mean Drew Lock will never be a starting QB, no. But the concept that Drew Lock is not starting because of some conspiracy from the coaching staff or management is crazy. This staff, including Paton get to watch every practice, every meeting, every throw, and all have been in professional football for some time. Likewise the players on the team get to see both of these guys daily. If you Drew Lock was actually showing that he was a better option than TB, do you honestly believe that he would not be starting now? Do you honestly believe that if he was being held back there wouldn't be reporters quoting coaches and players on the team saying that was the case. I have yet to see a single report from anyone in the organization (coaches, management or players) that says Lock should be starting over Bridgewater. I trust that the people seeing Lock and Bridgewater everyday all have a good understanding of what is happening and who is the better option. Lets be clear, I will remind people, back when we drafted Jay Culer we already had an established veteran QB who just came off helping lead the Broncos to the AFC Championship game, the reports coming out all season was how Jay Cutler was tearing up the 1st team defense in practice running the scout team. Whether or not it was the correct choice to bench Plummer and put Cutler in is debatable, but there was clear reports that Cutler was doing well in practices. Lock clearly has not demonstrated to anyone that he is a better option to help this team win now and that is why he sits. You can blame the coaches for not developing him, or you can blame him for not developing, but I don't blame the coaches or management for playing guys they think can help them win now.

8) Will Drew Lock start this year, probably. Yes it's about winning, right now we are still alive for the playoffs. I do believe until this team is eliminated from the playoff contention, TB will be the starter. If we are eliminated, then I think you will see Lock in for at least one game if not more. This is more to evaluate the player and to maybe help provide some value for trading Drew Lock this offseason. I don't believe Lock will ever be the starting QB here, but the NFL is filled with reclamation projects and one man's trash can be another man's treasure. Someone will want a shot at trying to resurrect his career, especially if they don't have to give up much for it.

9) Paton knows we will have a new HC and new QB next season, who the first one is will largely dictate who the second one is. I don't think Paton is married to anyone in particular and I don't believe just because there was a previous relationship with a coach that will shape who the new HC is. I do believe Paton is savvy and understands that if he wants to keep this job with new ownership coming in, he is going to have to show that he does have vision and understanding of the NFL, and ability to attract the coach that can get this team out of mediocrity. That can evaluate and develop a young QB or can attraction for a veteran QB to want to come here.

I understand the frustration of the fan base, I get frustrated too. But the bottom line is Paton plan at QB once deals for Stafford and Rogers didn't materialize was always to push it off to the following season with presumably a new coaching staff helping guide the decision. This team is where everyone expected it to be for the most part, around 0.500, a team that is at least somewhat in the playoff hunt but likely will fall short. While the QB play has not been what anyone wants, it also has sadly been better than what it has been in the past. And I think everyone understands, it will have to be addressed with other issues this offseason.

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