So this is it…

Good day to you all. It’s been a long long time since I made a fan post so I feel a need to give my short biography.

I have been a Broncos fan for a long time. I came along with Terrell Davis and have statues ever since. I have been a poster, commenter and contributor on this site since inception. The days of Styg, and Guru, HoosierTeacher and Zappa (who still parades around here under a different name). We all loved our team and you know what, I think we all still do. I’m fact the growth of this site into what it is is a credit to that love. But folks… I am tired.

I’m tired of talking about how great Elway (the player) was, how we almost made the super bowl with Jake the snake, how we had a great defense for super bowl 50, how manning lit it up his first year here, I’m tired of the past.

I in no way can make a difference in what this team decides to do, how they draft or who they sign. I’m just tired of saying, well there’s always next year, or just one more draft or any of that.

I wanted a New Jersey this year, a new hat maybe even a new sweater, but this year I’m doing what I’ve done four 5 seasons now… waiting til next year…

The Broncos are still my team but Mr. Elway, Mr. Paton, I’m just so tired of the same old same old and that crowd at mile high is starting to get that way too!

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