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Do you think the Broncos will beat the Chargers?

I was curious to see if we would get a bye week bounce and we did. The raw disappointment of a brutally ugly home loss to the Philadelphia Eagles last week gave way with time. For some of us anyway. The Denver Broncos are sitting at 5-5 and are still in the mix despite the up and down nature of the season so far. Our weekly DraftKings Sportsbook Reacts survey showed that slight bye week bounce.

However, I am sure if you asked your average Broncos’ fan they’d tell you they expect a loss to the Los Angeles Chargers this weekend. I’m not one of those fans. I think Denver will sneak up on the Chargers and once again surprise us all with another surprising win.

That is what drives us mad with this team. They win when you don’t expect them to win and lose when you expect them to win.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday if you celebrate. There were a couple of other survey questions this week that I thought might make an interesting side conversation piece this Black Friday.

Which side dish has to go?

I love corn, but cream corn can go to Hell. I will admit that green bean casserole is my absolute favorite dish after the turkey and mashed potatoes. I don’t know what these people are talking about!

And which dessert has to go?

I’m not much of a pie guy, but I also voted for sweet potato pie. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the sweet potato dish for Thanksgiving, but I’ve never had sweet potato pie and I think I would pass anyway. Of the four here, my favorite if one could call it a favorite would be pecan pie.

That’s where I stand on these issues. Enjoy your Black Friday shopping and I really do think we will see a Broncos win on Sunday!