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Chargers at Broncos third quarter recap

The Denver Broncos are up 14-7 heading into the fourth quarter, but the Los Angeles Chargers are inside the red zone.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Chargers got the ball to start the second half. They had all of the momentum from a critical Drew Lock interception that they were able to turn into a touchdown just before halftime. LA started with a holding penalty, so it was a 1st and 20 right out of the gates.

Justin Herbert got all of those yards back in two plays, then defensive end Dre’Mont Jones was called for defensive holding to give the Chargers another five yards. They crossed midfield on a wheel route pass for another first down and the Chargers were driving early in the third quarter.

DeShawn Williams drew a holding penalty on the next set of downs to again push the Chargers back, but that just seemed to convince the Chargers wide receivers to rise to the challenge with big catches of their own at the first down marker.

The Denver Broncos defense finally made a play when it mattered. On third and six, McTelvin Agim - who has been inactive many times this season - broke free inside for the big time third down sack.

The 52-yard field goal attempt was no good sending the momentum back Denver’s way with Teddy Bridgewater coming back in at quarterback.

The Broncos first second half possession went nowhere fast after Lloyd Cushenberry’s second penalty of the game. On second and 18, Bridgewater hit Courtland Sutton in stride for a big play but the ball was knocked loose before possession secured to bring up a very long third down and a predictable dump off play to punt it back to the Chargers.

Justin Simmons could have had a pick six on the Chargers first play on the next drive. The ball went right through his hands. Herbert ended up converting on third down two plays later by scrambling out to the 40-yard line.

The Broncos defense came up big with the Chargers on the outer reaches of field goal range with a third down stop. That missed field goal remained in their minds as they went for it on fourth and four from the Broncos 34-yard line. Hebert extended the play with his legs and ultimately picked up the first down on a throw across the field to get LA inside the 20.

That missed interception from Simmons looked like it would come back to haunt Denver as the third quarter came to an end with the Chargers in the red zone.