Game Balls for our ballers

I don't think any of us knew what to expect yesterday.

We've seen it before, right? Broncos beat the pants off an opponent, only to follow it up with an ugly and defeating loss (Cowboys one week, Eagles the next).

Going into this game, I had no clue what to expect. I knew that we had the ability to beat the Chargers, but we also had the ability to lose by 30 at home. Hell, it isn't like we've been a great home team this year either. Color me un-impressed to have beaten the Jets and WFT at home. If these are the life preservers of which we're grasping, then we're all going to drown.

That said, it was so nice to see a good, old fashioned home beatdown of the Chargers. It's as if all has been restored in the world.

With that, here are my game balls:

#1 Drew Lock baby! What? Yep, Drew Freaking Lock gets my first game ball. Why? Because I've said all damn year that the Broncos have never looked as inept as they did with Lock playing in relief of Teddy. I catch so much sh!t for it weekly when I remind people of it. Yet here we were again, with Lock subbing in for Teddy. And as before, the Broncos offense has never looked so inept, confused, and dysfunctional than when he was the QB.

Lock gets my game ball because he finally, and I do mean finally, put to bed any of the "we need to see what we have in Lock" jibber jabber. Right Mr. T?

Lock is so bad that we long for Teddy as if he were our high school prom date that got cut off short because of curfew and then we moved away without a second date to see how the blossoming relationship might have ended. She (or he) will always be "the one that got away" because it didn't end up in disaster and fizzle out. Well, Lock has shown in both of his outings this year that he simply sucks. He has talent, but he sucks. He needs to never actually be put back on the field for the Broncos again. While he might have "almost" won the competition, I think we can all agree that he's not a good backup QB, and that's what we need him to be. And he failed, miserably, again!

So take this game ball Drew. Take it for your ability to finally end this nonsensical question of "should you be our starting QB" because you took those reigns and threw them in the campfire and then set that horse free.

#2 Patrick Surtain II. Ok, to my count, it's PS2 11, Justin Fields 0. Surtain is the real thing. He SHOULD be the Defensive Rookie of the Year, but he won't be. He's about to be the next Champ Bailey. Daring QB's to throw his way. He's got it all. He has every physical and mental trait you could ever want in a player, let alone a CB. He's going to study film like Talib and cover you like Champ. He's going to house bad throws and it'll take a miracle pass to complete anything on him.

I said pre-draft that even if Fields is there, I'd take Surtain. And when that pick was ready, I said and I quote "I'd pick Patrick Surtain, but I bet the Broncos take Fields, and I'll try being ok with it." but BOOM, we got him. It felt like when Elway got Von Miller. He decided to get the sure fire Hall of Famer, and even though it wasn't a QB, it was the right pick.

#3 Javonte Williams. For real, how this kid isn't the starter will always be beyond my grasp of intelligence. Know why he deserves Offensive Rookie of the Year but won't get it? Because he is a beast who won't be tackled. He's going to break all the weak sh!t and he's going to drag gang tackles. It's comical to watch. Even the announcers are talking about him. When the MSM starts recognizing the sheer ridiculousness and video game traits of Pookie, then you know you'e found something special.

And now, he's doing the same in the passing game. I've always felt like we didn't utilize him enough in the passing game, so it was really nice to see him rumble and break away from would-be-tacklers regardless of how he got the ball.

One thing that likely won't be talked about enough is this: The more we use him in the passing game, the less predictable we're going to be on offense when he's in there. If all we do with him in the game is hand it off to him, then we're predictable. And predictability is a bad thing in football. The less we telegraph our plays based on the personnel in the game, the better. And the more we get Pookie the ball in any fashion, the better. Again, he won't get rookie of the year, but he should and he deserves it. What he's doing on the field is far more impressive than just running in a straight line after a gimme toss. And those are facts.

#4 Nazim Kadri . Who? Yep, Avalanche baby! Why? Because the Avs are just so good and he's on such an amazing tear that he should be mentioned anytime game balls (or pucks) are given. He's playing that good and this is a reminder that we have hockey to watch as well.

#5 Baron Browning. I mean, his first name alone gets my game ball. But this dude is everywhere and all at once. His energy and ability to fly to wherever the ball is, is just uncanny. Our LB's were about to be an extreme liability because of all the injuries, and then Paton's draft class said "hold my beer" and just started taking off. This dude has me thinking of the days of Al Wilson. And yes, I got goosebumps when I just typed that because I love me some Big Al.

I know that I didn't mention everyone. So let's hear it below. Especially if you know who Kadri is. haha

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