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2021 NFL Power Rankings: Week 13

There is a familiar team back atop my weekly power rankings. After a couple of speed bumps, the Arizona Cardinals have the NFL’s best record.

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

After a bye week hiatus last week, we’re back at it again in Week 13 power rankings. With two weeks to analyze, there were a couple of big movers over those Week 11 rankings. We’ll start with the teams that faded hard since those last projections.

The first to plummet down the list were the previously solid looking 8-2 Tennessee Titans who have lost two straight and look completely rudderless without Derrick Henry leading that offense. Two other big flops were also AFC “contenders” with the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers looking like and actually are .500 teams.

As for the big winners over the last two weeks, the Baltimore Ravens are surging despite some inconsistent offensive output, but the biggest winner so far is Mac Jones and the New England Patriots. Oh, and the Kansas City Chiefs have won four straight. The AFC is looking strong and the Denver Broncos better put together their best football over the final six games if they hope to reach the playoff for the first time in six seasons.

Here are you full Week 13 power rankings.

Week 13 NFL Power Rankings

Rank Team Record
Rank Team Record
1 Arizona Cardinals 9-2
2 Green Bay Packers 9-3
3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8-3
4 Baltimore Ravens 8-3
5 New England Patriots 8-4
6 Kansas City Chiefs 7-4
7 Dallas Cowboys 7-4
8 Los Angeles Rams 7-4
9 Buffalo Bills 7-4
10 Cincinnati Bengals 7-4
11 Tennessee Titans 8-4
12 San Francisco 49ers 6-5
13 Indianapolis Colts 6-6
14 Los Angeles Chargers 6-5
15 Las Vegas Raiders 6-5
16 Denver Broncos 6-5
17 Washington Football Team 5-6
18 Minnesota Vikings 5-6
19 Cleveland Browns 6-6
20 Miami Dolphins 5-7
21 Carolina Panthers 5-7
22 Philadelphia Eagles 5-7
23 New Orleans Saints 5-6
24 Pittsburgh Steelers 5-5-1
25 New York Giants 4-7
26 Atlanta Falcons 5-6
27 Seattle Seahawks 3-8
28 Chicago Bears 4-7
29 New York Jets 3-8
30 Houston Texans 2-9
31 Jacksonville Jaguars 2-9
32 Detroit Lions 0-10-1