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Now that Von Miller is a Ram, are the Broncos dead in the water?

4-4 with 9 games left, how far can Denver go?

In case you somehow missed it, the Broncos made a blockbuster move before the trade deadline when they sent Von Miller to the Los Angeles Rams for a pair of draft picks. After that, George Paton mostly sat on his hands, to the consternation of a significant portion of Broncos Country that believed the Miller trade should have been the start of a true rebuild. Instead, the Broncos first year general manager sent a rookie who hadn’t played a snap to the Philadelphia Eagles before sitting down to study his notes before the press conference Tuesday. Once there, he had an answer for fans who wanted a true selling spree at the trade deadline.

“I appreciate our fans. I still think we have some of the best fans. I appreciate our fans who were at that game, but I understand it. I have a son. He didn’t appreciate that we traded [OLB] Von Miller. He’s still not talking to me, so I get it. I understand the emotion in it. I’m in it every day. I see what goes on day-to-day with our coaches, with our players. We were 3-0 at one time. Everyone thought we were the greatest thing since sliced bread. It’s very fragile in this league. You lose one, it could add up. We’ve had a lot of injuries, [but] that’s not an excuse. That’s not an excuse, but we are getting some guys back. Despite everything that has happened to our football team, we’re 4-4. Not what we wanted, but I do think we’ll continue to improve.”

Days later, Paton’s presser and the Von trade were still at the forefront of my mind. So I reached out to Mile High Report’s Joe Mahoney and the two of us discussed the fallout on this week’s Cover 2 Broncos. What follows are a quick overview of the topics we chewed on.

The Von Miller Trade

  • What are your thoughts on the deal?
  • What does it mean for Denver? What does it mean for Von?


  • Broncos agreed to pay $9 million. Rams on the hook for $700 k.
  • Broncos received a 2022 2nd and 3rd round pick

Broncos ED room post trade

Malik Reed

Jonathon Cooper

Stephen Weatherly

Aaron Patrick

Bradley Chubb is still on Injured Reserve. On Tuesday Paton said:

“Hopefully after the bye, he’ll (Chubb) be rolling. He’s working really hard, and I look forward to getting him in the mix as well.”

Outside of Von and Kary Vincent, the Broncos did not make any other moves at the deadline.

  • What did you think of the decision to mostly stand pat at the deadline?


  • Kary Vincent was a 2021 7th rounder who did not play a single regular season snap. He went to Philly for whichever one of the Eagles two 6th round picks ends up worse.

“We traded [CB] Kary Vincent [Jr.], one of our corners. [He’s] a talented kid who we really liked. We traded him to the Philadelphia Eagles. That was for a sixth-round pick. Really, we just had a log jam at corner. We have two players that are going to come off the IR list and one off the PUP list. That’ll happen within the next two weeks. We just had to make a move, and that’s a good problem to have.””

- George Paton

  • Bryce Callahan is now on Injured Reserve because of a knee injury suffered during the Washington game.

Do the Broncos have too many corners?

Patrick Surtain

Ronald Darby

Kyle Fuller

Nate Hairston

Duke Dawson

Mike Ford

Essang Bassey

Michael Ojemudia is still on IR, but looks like he’ll return soon.

Dallas and beyond

Cowboys are very good by DVOA

Offense: 3rd overall

3rd passing

14th rushing

Through eight games they are very low variance, which means they’re consistently good.

They’re the best team in NFL by Adjusted Line Yards

They rarely allow stuffs

They’re a top ten rushing team on the second and third level.

They’re a top three team by ALY when rushing between the guards or to the right.

They’re the 11th best team rushing off left tackle so far this season.

They’re among the five worst teams in the league rushing at left end.

Defense: 6th overall

7th passing

11th rushing

Very low variance, so they’re consistently good.

18th in Adjusted Line Yards

One of the three best teams in the league in power situations, but hovering around average when it comes to creating stuffs and defending on the second and third level.

They are right around league average defending runs in every direction, but weakest off the right side.

They are the best team in the league defending WR1s and very good defending other receivers and running backs.

They’re the worst team in the league defending tight ends.

They’re one of the four worst teams in the league defending deep passes.

They’re a top three team against short passes.

How many wins do you see for this Broncos’ roster?