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Broncos fans miss Von Miller, but agree trade was right move

An overwhelming number of Denver Broncos fans thought the Von Miller trade was the right move, but it’s still okay to miss him.

The Denver Broncos shocked fans when they traded future Hall of Fame edge rusher Von Miller to the Los Angeles Rams prior to the trade deadline. They netted a second and third round pick in 2022 for Miller, but still, it was Von freaking Miller.

In our DraftKings Sportsbook Reacts survey this week, a vast majority of Broncos fans agreed that this was the right move for Denver. 85%, in fact. I would agree with that sentiment too, but I am sure most of us in that category still miss Von Miller being a member of the Denver Broncos.

Despite that trade, overall confidence that the team is heading in the right direction also received a big boost over last week. I can’t imagine the win over the Washington Football Team played a huge part in this considering how ugly the last sequence was, but we saw a boost to 34% confidence in the team over a disgusting 8% confidence vote last week.

There is one last survey result from around the SB Nation family of sites that I thought was worth sharing. The sample size for this poll was likely much larger than our own Broncos-specific surveys.

The Rams received a vast majority of votes as the best team in the NFC and they also donned the #1 spot in my most recent power rankings. Adding Von Miller only bolsters a defensive front that has some scary good talent. I’ll be curious to see how Miller does when he’s not the focal point of an offensive game plan when it comes to protection.

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