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Broncos vs. Cowboys score predictions for Week 9

Unfortunately, we are Mile High Report are predicting the Denver Broncos will get steamrolled by the Dallas Cowboys in Week 9. Here are our score predictions.

Well, here comes the most negative predictions of the year so far. The Denver Broncos have been struggling and the Dallas Cowboys have been rolling, so you can kind of expect where we collectively think this game is going to head. The lack of optimism has led to a collective score prediction of Cowboys 39, Broncos 16.

The only, quote, “optimistic” score prediction this week was my own and I still think Denver is going to lose this game, but here is how we see things playing out individually. Brace yourselves, it’s a sea of negativity...

Cowboys 27, Broncos 24

Everyone is expecting a blowout here, but I think the revamped Broncos defense keeps things close and the offense makes a game of it. In the end, I do expect the home team to come away with the victory, but we’ll all feel a little more confident this team can hang with anyone down the stretch. - Tim Lynch

Cowboys 45, Broncos 10

Sorry, I’ve watched a couple Cowboys games. It’s going to get ugly quick. Let’s just hope the Broncos can make it out of the game relatively unscathed. - Joe Rowles

Cowboys 37, Broncos 14

The Broncos have one of the stingiest defenses in the NFL. The Cowboys have one of the best scoring offenses. Usually, I’m inclined to pick the defense in those situations, but where once lived an optimistic fan now sits a jaded member of Broncos Country. Perhaps the most infuriating aspect of this Broncos team is that the level of talent is one that should make them competitive in every game. That is no longer the case. The coaching has been abysmal. It’s to the point where a 17-10 win against the WFT felt more like a loss. I think Teddy Bridgewater will connect with either Jerry Jeudy or Courtland Sutton for a score, and there will be a rushing TD from Javonte Williams or Melvin Gordon. However, the Cowboys are, dare I say it, legitimate contenders, and will already be up by 3 or 4 scores in the second half when Denver finally gets on the board. No Halloween to distract us from the burning garbage this week. - Adam Malnati

Cowboys 45, Broncos 11

Riverboat gambler Vic Fangio goes for 2 after being down 31-0 to the Cowboys. While Prescott and the receivers are a definite concern, Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard are going to eat like it’s free dinner night at Golden Corral. At least Denver plays in the early game. - Ian St. Clair

Cowboys 41, Broncos 22

The Denver Broncos assured us that they have great faith in the young core of this team after trading away the franchise’s best play in Von Miller. This week we see one way or another whether or not those assurances hold any water whatsoever. Dak could be hurt or not as it doesn’t matter. I predict this team gets spanked in Dallas as their organization outclasses ours at every level from players to the front office (and I know... I can’t believe it either that I just said that about a team ran by Jerry Jones and coached by Mike McCarthy). - Sadaraine

What is your score prediction for the Broncos-Cowboys game? Let us know in the comments section below.