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12 winners and 2 losers in the Broncos win over the Cowboys

It was hard to find any losers from when the Broncos beat the Cowboys

The Denver Broncos showed up to Jerry World in Arlington Texas and stomped on the Dallas Cowboys. It was an emphatic win, and fairly surprising.

It produced some great moments, and some big winners. Broncos Country may have been a little shocked in the end, but Vic Fangio rallied his players, and the Broncos came to play.


Vic Fangio

Starting at the top for this one. Vic Fangio has been the target of a truly frustrated fan base this season. His decision making may still be a little suspect. The decision to challenge the incomplete pass to Tim Patrick in the 3rd quarter was strange. Other than that, Fangio had his team ready to play. Losing his best defensive player could have caused his team to just give up. They didn’t, and his defense shut down one of the best offenses in the NFL on the road. Big win.

Pat Shurmur

Dare I say it, Shurmur called a good game for the offense. When running the ball was working, he stuck with it. His players noticed, and the offense looked as good as it has all season.

Javonte Williams

Speaking of sticking with it. 17 carries for 111 yards. 6.5 yards per carry. Angry runs. Carrying guys. Looking like a mix between Earl Campbell and Terrell Davis. Williams keeps showing how good he can be. When Shurmur leans on him, it seems to work out. He earned his first 100 yard rushing game, and the key word is earned. I would not be surprised if he finds himself in the running for another Angry Runs scepter from Good Morning Football.

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Melvin Gordon

Just another solid performance from the veteran RB. 80 yards and a touchdown. A couple catches. He picks up blitzes. Gordon is an essential piece to the Broncos offense, and he showed up big time agains the Cowboys.

Tim Patrick

Once again, Patrick shows how important he is to the offense. He and Teddy Bridgewater have a connection. He makes routine plays to move the sticks. He makes great catches like the 44 yard TD catch in the second quarter. His 4 catches for 81 yards and a TD were a perfect complement to the running game.

Jerry Jeudy

His return to the offense continues to be paramount to Bridgewater’s success. He leans on Jeudy in possession situations. He is a big play receiver who keeps the sticks moving. He led the team with 6 catches, and was a big part of what Pat Shurmur wanted to do on offense.

The Offensive Line

It started as a patchwork of players, and just kept getting more patchy as the game went on. Even still, Williams and Gordon had huge games running behind a line of rotating players. Injuries held Garett Bolles out, claimed Graham Glasgow, and forced a few guys into the game that weren’t supposed to get a lot of playing time. Calvin Anderson stepped into the LT role nicely. Quinn Meinerz took over for Glasgow. The Offense didn’t miss a beat.

The Defensive Line

The Cowboys offense never could get comfortable. Dak Prescott was harassed until garbage time. Ezekiel Elliot and Tony Pollard made almost no impact. The boys upfront played a solid game, creating pressure, and causing problems all game.

Jonathan Cooper

What a way to step up after losing Von Miller to a trade. His 2 sacks were the result of constant pressure. Dak was on the run most of the game, and the guy who was doing a lot of the chasing was Cooper.

Kareem Jackson

He led the team in tackles with 9, 7 solo. He was all over the field. He made some big plays, and had some big hits. It was nice to see him and Justin Simmons making some plays.

Justin Simmons

He has been a little invisible this season. There have been questions about whether or not he was worth the big contract. He may not have had a big numbers game, but he was all over the field. He had a couple of big plays and looks more and more like the new face of the defense.

Caden Sterns

Sterns had a good game. His interception was a key to the win. He almost had a pick-6. He earned a spot on the list.


Jerry Jones

I just like it when he loses. Is there anything better?

The Raiders

Well, this might be better. I always enjoy a Raiders loss, and this one keeps the Broncos in the hunt for the AFC West division, so I like that.

Did I miss anything Broncos Country? Let me know in the comments.