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Broncos kicked ‘dem boyz’ up and down the field

And Broncos’ Twitter loved it (well at least @docllv did...)

Denver Broncos v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Holy unbelievable never-thought-you’d-do-it win, Batman!

I practically dared the Broncos to play inspired football and quit talking about what they needed to fix to win games and just go do it.

And they freakin’ did.

Against all odds.

Against a 6-1 Cowboys’ offense that had averaged 33 points a game (but that’s going down now, baby!).

Against a Cowboys defense that had successfully stopped some high-powered teams, including the Chargers, Patriots and Vikings.

Who knew that was possible from this team?

Well, apparently the Broncos did.

They believed in themselves enough to defy the odds and ignore the naysayers - pulling out a huge upset win on the road.

On both sides of the ball, the Broncos dominated - something I forgot could even happen. I feel exactly like Ray Crockett after that game:

In case you missed it, here’s essentially what happened:

It was an unusual display of dominance by both the offense and defense.

I am tempted to post all of my tweets during the game to show my amazement and excitement throughout. But they were definitely not family-oriented tweets, so I’ll leave them to your imagination, but let’s just say my all-caps button was getting a workout as I typed ALL the names of players making big plays.

From Jerry Jeudy to Javonte Williams to Tim Patrick to Kendall Hinton to Melvin Gordon to Jonathon Cooper to Caden Sterns to Justin Simmons to Quinn Meinerz ... freaking everybody. Heck, a nearly entire backup offensive line allowed the offense to gain nearly 200 yards on the ground, and the defense held Zeke Elliott to just 51 yards and the entire Dallas running offense to only 78 yards.

It was truly what you’d call “a great team win.”

I mean, even Pat Shurmur came to play.

It’s always nice to see the good guys in a great mood after the game.

And a big part of it was the #BroncosCountry contingent in Jerry Jones’ house.


I bet he was so mad.

Hey Broncos - if you want more of that, keep playing like that.

OK, just one NSFW tweet. Apologies in advance...but don’t blame me, blame the Broncos for being awesome on Sunday.

And I think the answer to this one is definitely “NO.” hehehehe