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Scenes from the Broncos 30-16 win over the Cowboys

Here are some of the best shots from the Denver Broncos Week 9 win over the Dallas Cowboys.

How’s that victory Monday feeling Broncos Country? It’s feeling pretty good over here!

We finally got to see what this team could do when they play up to their full potential. They proved they are as good as any team in the NFL.

Probably the craziest thing that happened on Sunday was how the Denver Broncos survived multiple special teams miscues. There was the opening kickoff return into Broncos’ territory that resulted in zero points for the Dallas Cowboys. There was that blocked punt that ended up being Denver’s ball and a first down. A missed extra point and a missed field goal.

Usually when that kind of thing happens with the special teams units, the other team begins to rack up points and a win. Instead, the defense held and the offense turned that block punt into points of their own. It was really nice see the offense and defense survive those Tom McMahon specials.

Anyway, enjoy the best photos I could find from the Broncos win over the Cowboys on Sunday.