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Breaking down Teddy Bridgewater’s play against the Cowboys

Tim Jenkin’s is back at it with another breakdown of Teddy Bridgewater’s game. This one is fun because it involves a big win over the Dallas Cowboys.

It’s been a couple week since I covered one of Tim Jenkins’ videos. Not because he doesn’t put out good breakdowns, but because it was fairly miserable reviewing the Denver Broncos offense for a solid month and it was hard enough just to keep slogging through it those weeks. That ended on Sunday, however, with an offensive onslaught against the Dallas Cowboys as the team got back above .500 with that 30-16 blowout road win.

It wasn’t all perfect on Sunday and Teddy Bridgewater did leave a couple of opportunities out there, but that is the same for every single quarterback in the league every single week. On the whole, Bridgewater had his best game of the year. He was hitting passes short, intermediate, and deep - and those guys were open. The whole offense was winning their individual battles against a pretty good Cowboys defense.

Anyway, check out Tim’s video up there and give him a follow on YouTube for his film breakdowns. He doesn’t mess around and you’ll start learning offensive concepts pretty quick watching his stuff. If I wasn’t watching his breakdowns every week and enjoying them, I wouldn’t be writing up a post on the site around it for the community to discuss.