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Vic Fangio gives injury updates

The head coach spoke about player injuries, recovery outlooks, and backups

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Head coach Vic Fangio gave an update on multiple injuries within the Broncos organization. One bright spot is the Broncos have been able to withstand injuries a little better this year than last year, and Fangio attributes that to the team being better overall.

“We have a better team,” he said, “We have more depth and better players. That’s what makes you withstand things (and) negative stuff. In this case, injuries.”

But alas, in contact sports, no team is ever completely devoid of injuries. Here is the update.

T Garret Bolles (ankle, COVID-19 Reserve), & T Bobby Massie (ankle)

“I think both of them have a chance to play this week,” Vic speculated, “Garett hasn’t cleared all the protocols yet. Bobby made some improvement last week. Not enough to play last week, but we have some hope for him.”

Asked if Quinn Bailey will start at left tackle if Bolles is still out by Sunday vs Chiefs, Fangio wasn’t ready to cross that bridge yet. “Well, that all depends upon Bolles’ situation, Massie’s situation, and if those two guys play or one of them.”

He then added that Cam Fleming is still an option for that spot.

G Dalton Risner (back)

Sounds potentially like good news on this one, according to Fangio. “I think he’ll be okay moving forward. He’s got a back issue that he’s dealing with. We think it’ll get better, and I think optimistically that he’ll be able to play.”

T Calvin Anderson (knee)

Outlook isn’t quite as optimistic for Calvin as as some of the others. “Calvin is going miss some time,” Fangio admitted, “I don’t know yet whether it would require a visit to the IR or not, but we’ll probably know in the next day or two.”

Asked about how Quinn Bailey played in Anderson’s spot on Sunday vs Chargers, Fangio had a lot of praise to give. “He did a good job blocking and I really feel happy for him. This is a guy who’s been here now for two years,” he said, “A real quiet guy but takes his job seriously.”

“Mike [Munchak, Offensive Line Coach] liked him from the start, feels he has a future that he can develop,” Fangio added.

QB Teddy Bridgewater (shin)

“He came out fine,” Coach Fangio said, “Vince [Garcia, Head Athletic Trainer] didn’t even mention him. I saw Teddy in here about an hour or so ago and he was doing better.”

CB Bryce Callahan, DE Shelby Harris, S Kareem Jackson

Fangio did not have an injury update on CB Bryce Callahan (knee) or DE Shelby Harris (ankle), but he said Kareem Jackson “has a good chance to make it” to practice on Wednesday.