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Is being a mediocre team in the NFL worse than just being a bad one?

The way we fans react to the Denver Broncos this season you would think its worse being a fan of a mediocre football team than of a bad one. I’m guilty of it too. For most of the week, I tend to accept that this team is better than most Broncos’ teams since 2015. Yet on gameday it feels like my football world just ended every other week.

In our DraftKings Sportsbook Reacts survey this week, we see the now normal wave pattern of ups and downs as the Broncos’ meander through the 2021 season.

At 6-6, they are clearly a mediocre football team. After the last six seasons, mediocre should make me happy. It doesn’t.

I think the thing that keeps my mood coming back up from the lows is that the offensive core of this team is looking outstanding. They just need an imaginative and practical offensive coordinator and, well, a quarterback. I believe Teddy Bridgewater is easily the best quarterback this team has had since Peyton Manning, but he is a very low end type starter in the NFL. Upgradeable.

So that leads me to my question in this post. Is it better to be a fan of a mediocre football team or just a bad one? Let us know in the comments section below.

Personally, I’d almost prefer a bad football team over a mediocre one. The mediocre ones are maddening to watch on Sunday, because you can see the talent at times but the poor execution (or shitty playcalling) derails everything. At least with a bad team, we could be looking more at how to improve the roster and looking ahead to free agency and the draft. But outside quarterback, I don’t see many glaring holes on the roster, so that process isn’t even fun with a mediocre type team.