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NFL Week 14 Early Games: Live Updates

Welcome to Week 14 of the 2021 NFL Season. Here is your early games open thread as we wait for the Denver Broncos to play this afternoon.

Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Welcome to Week 14 of the regular season! This is the early games open thread, so feel free to join the chat below to talk about the early game slot of games.

It’s with heavy hearts we’re all watching football today. Keeping Denver in mind for these early games, there are a few games that matter if we’re going to hope for a playoff run in these last five games. They need the Ravens to take out the Browns, the Chiefs to beat the Raiders, the Giants to upset the Chargers, and maybe even throw in a 49ers win over the Bengals and Bucs to beat the Bills. Easy.

The Denver Broncos will be at home to take on the Detroit Lions later this afternoon, so check out our nuts and bolts post.

Early games schedule

Early Game live updates