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10 winners and 2 losers in the Broncos win over the Lions

It was a tough week in Broncos Country, but there were some big winners that lifted spirits against the Lions.

The Denver Broncos were able to honor the memory of former wide receiver Demaryius Thomas by beating the Detroit Lions. It was also a nice bounce back win after a tough loss to the Kansas City Chiefs the week before.

Denver also kept their playoff hopes alive with the win. The road ahead may be tough, but playing meaningful games in December sure feels good.

If I leave anyone off this list, or put them in the wrong spot, just put them in the comments.


Demaryius Thomas

I debated putting Thomas on this list. I wasn’t sure if this was the right place to talk about him. In the end, his impact on so many people’s lives made it worth the time. Broncos Country was hit hard by the sudden passing of Thomas, but in a way, it helped bring us all together. It was clear that Thomas meant a great deal to so many people and that his legacy will be forever cemented in Denver. As for the game, the Broncos did what they needed to do to help the healing process.

Javonte Williams

This has essentially become a Javonte Williams fan site, but the accolades are well deserved. Every week he is running opponents over, carrying them on his back, and turning nothing plays into big gains. His 15 carries for 73 yards and a TD coupled with his 10 yard TD catch and run were a huge catalyst to the offensive success.

Melvin Gordon

Gordon acknowledged this week that he knew some people in Broncos Country didn’t want him in Denver. While some may not appreciate what he has done this season, most of us can see how important he is to the offense. He was the leading rusher for the Broncos against the Lions, and added a rushing TD. Gordon and Williams are so good together, and this win was proof of that.

The O-Line

Whenever the running game looks that good, the offensive line has to get a mention. They opened up some huge holes for both RBs. On top of that, they kept their QB relatively clean, giving up just one sack all day. They also played a mostly clean game with just one holding call on Albert Okwuegbunam. They earned a spot on the list.

Dre’Mont Jones

Two sacks, three tackles for a loss, and a series that was dubbed the “Dre’Mont Jones” series lands Jones on the winners list. In the Dre’Mont Jones series he had one of his two sacks. Then he busted through the line and tackled the RB as he was receiving the handoff. On 4th down, he had a pass defensed when he jumped up and took a football off the helmet. It was possibly his best game of the season, and he was a problem for the Lions the whole game.

Noah Fant

It hasn’t necessarily been his fault, but Fant has been relatively non-existent in the offensive game plan. Against the Lions, Fant hauled in 4 catches for 51 yards, and reminded us that he can be an effective weapon, when used properly.

Albert O.

His 5 catches for 41 yards included a great play at the end of the game for a TD that was the icing on the cake. Albert O. took the pass from Teddy Bridgewater and tip toed the sidelines, then leapt forward, reaching for the pylon. It was a great play, and the perfect way to cap off the scoring on a day that honored DT.

Justin Simmons

Simmons led the team in tackles. He was in on almost every play. He also had an incredible interception. Diving in front of the receiver, and hauling in the pass for the second turnover of the game, Simmons rushed over to the 88 painted on the sideline. It was the third time the team had been there after a turnover (the second time was overturned), and it was clear how important and emotional that moment was for Simmons and the rest of the team.

Kenny Young and Jonathan Cooper

Both played well, but they teamed up on a forced fumble and fumble recovery. They turnover battle is a key component to winning, and they started things off right for the Broncos on that.


Vic Fangio’s Challenge Flag

Every week it is the same thing. A close play that could go either way. Fangio throws the red challenge flag, and he loses the challenge. I don’t know if this is possible, but I think I am going to just blame the flag. What a loser.

Jared Goff

Goff just never looked comfortable. The Broncos defense harassed him, but more than that, he just looked out of place. He only had the one INT, but he was not good. Other than the second quarter, when the Denver defense seemed to disappear for a bit, Goff never got into a rhythm. He has been trying to prove that he never should have been traded away from the Rams. He did not accomplish that mission against the Broncos defense.

Did I miss anyone? I am sure I have. Leave a comment and let us know who you think should be on this list.