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Broncos are AFC’s most surprising team still in the playoff hunt

The Denver Broncos are the most surprising team to still be in the AFC playoff hunt. The Cincinnati Bengals were second on that list.

A national fan poll from SB Nation this week asked what AFC teams were the biggest surprise to still be in the thick of the playoff hunt this late in the season and the Denver Broncos took the top spot with the Cincinnati Bengals well behind.

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I would have voted for Denver too, because the team has been just as inconsistent as Cincinnati - but without the surefire franchise quarterback. The Bengals have the bigger upset merely because they have Joe Burrow. None of that matters, though, if the Broncos pull of the home win on Sunday. A win there puts the Bengals on the outside and Denver will have the inside track.

With that dominating win over the woeful Detroit Lions last week, Broncos fans are feeling the confidence upswing too.

We’re right at that 60% confidence barrier we see after every win over the last month or more. Why? Because the Broncos have been losing after every win over the last month or more. This streak needs to end in Week 15 or they can kiss their brief moment in the AFC playoff picture goodbye.

This is a tough matchup as the Bengals weaknesses are in areas that Pat Shurmur and the Broncos offense hasn’t really tried to attack much. Teddy Bridgewater needs to go after Courtland Sutton more, the Broncos rushing attack needs more outside zone, and the Denver defense has to contain the Bengals #1 wide receiver in Ja’Marr Chase.

What do you think, Broncos Country? Can Denver win this game?