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The season of giving can’t extend from the Broncos to the Raiders

Drew Lock might be Buddy Elf, but he can’t just give the ball away against the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Denver Broncos enter Raider Week with a lot of questions about where this team is headed. However, the biggest concern is that Drew Lock could be a little too giving this Christmas season.

As Ian St. Clair mentioned on the MHR Radio Podcast, the last time Drew Lock started a game in Las Vegas, the Broncos lost to the Las Vegas Raiders, 37-12. Lock threw four interceptions in that game. Not exactly inspiring confidence with that stat.

But let’s not turn this into a bash Lock article. His Buddy Elf enthusiasm is alway welcome. A big part of his appeal is just how much he seems to love being on the field. Still, the Broncos sit at 7-7 with the playoffs still in sight. Lock could be the key to keeping those playoff hopes alive.

Last week everyone was calling the game against the Cincinnati Bengals a de facto playoff game. That wasn’t necessarily wrong, but the amount of parity in the league lends the Broncos the off chance that they could still find their way into the postseason.

A heavy dose of Javonte Williams and Melvin Gordon could go a long way to helping Denver sneak into the playoffs. Williams has been a huge boon to the offense this season. His appearances on Angry Runs are nothing short of inspiring. Gordon has been a perfect pairing, and if the duo can keep gashing opposing defenses, that will be a big help to the Broncos offense.

The key is to not rely on Lock to be the savior. In 21 games, according to our own Joe Mahoney, Lock has turned the ball over in 18. And the flashback to Lock keeping the ball on that RPO when Williams had a clear hole, and a shot at the end zone doesn’t just float away into the ether.

The Broncos can beat the Raiders. Derek Carr might be good against a Vic Fangio defense, but that doesn’t guarantee a Broncos loss. The offense can control the clock. Run the ball, and force the Raiders defense to stay on the field. That should end in a Broncos victory.

Again, we are calling this a playoff game. If the Broncos lose, start looking at draft prospects. It will be the only thing we have to look forward to. A win, and we can continue to hope for another week.