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Could PFM save the Broncos again?

Peyton Manning is a name that’s been thrown around a lot in Broncos Country when it comes to ownership. And now there’s some evidence that could actually happen.

Good morning, Broncos Country!

The Denver Broncos ownership situation is a mess.

You could say the Broncos are a mess, but let’s stick at the top. Getting a stable, capable owner in place is the first step, and that’s not been the case in the last five years.

It’s long been speculated that a sale would happen at the end of this season at the beginning of 2022 and approval coming at the NFL meetings in March. A recent report by Jason LaConfora backs that up.

“This could be quite aggressive,” an ownership source told LaConfora, noting the level of interest and how well-vetted many of those groups are.

One of the names that’s been thrown around a lot in Broncos Country is Peyton Manning. And now there’s some evidence that could actually happen.

From the same report:

“Sources said former Broncos star quarterback Peyton Manning, who is very interested in a potential ownership piece in the franchise and a possible role in serving in a management position as well, has already had discussions with several of the groups expected to be favorites to land the team, and his strong ties to Denver, where his family has lived since his playing days, and universal respect throughout the football world, would be a boon to any potential ownership group aligned with him.”

As I told Adam Malnati on the MHR Radio Podcast, this could be the second time that PFM saves the Broncos.

Manning knows what Pat Bowlen expected and wanted, and he would want to bring that back to the Broncos. Manning also knows and loves football and wants to be the best. What’s not included in the report from LaConfora is who the potential buyers are. But the fact Manning has met with several of the favorites shows he’s serious.

Needless to say, any potential buyer having Manning on board adds to the appeal for the other 31 owners. But he also does so for a fanbase starved to get this franchise back to where it belongs.

The Broncos were fortunate to have Manning save them once. It looks like it could happen again.

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