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The Broncos loss to the Raiders is about accountability

Without any major changes, this will continue to be the Broncos Country we live in.

The Denver Broncos lost another game to the Las Vegas Raiders. This time, it was with a backup QB that has divided Broncos Country, and a defensive performance that should have resulted in a win.

I usually sit down after Ian and I record the MHR Radio postgame recap and write up my thoughts. After this loss, I needed to sleep on it.

In the end, this all boils down to accountability. I think we first have to recognize that the Broncos are a better team in 2021 than they were in 2020. They have won 7 games. That’s more than 5.

Are they improved enough for the franchise to continue on their current path? I don’t believe they are. Frankly, the 2 extra wins can be attributed to factors beyond the control of the team. The current iteration of the Broncos is not all that much different from the Broncos of the past 6 seasons. Great defense, no real offense to speak of.

The loss in Las Vegas is the perfect example of the issues that hinder Denver on their journey back to relevancy. First, that defense is still so good. The Bradley Chubb interception that resulted in Javonte Williams scoring the team’s loan touchdown was incredible.

Josh Jacobs fumble put the Broncos in prime position to capitalize. They kicked a field goal. Derek Carr was sacked twice. The Raiders next possession ended in the Chubb pick. It was a quick turnaround before halftime, and the Denver went in at the half with a 13-7 advantage. Mostly, it was the defense keeping things alive.

In the second half, more of the same. The defense gave up their second long drive for a TD to start. The next and last time the Raiders would score came with 7:35 left in the 4th quarter after a 13 play, 32 yard drive. The defense gave up 17 points, and forced 3 turnovers. And how did Pat Shurmur’s offense take advantage?

Well, they didn’t. The perfect example of this was the missed FG. The Harris strip sack put the ball on the Denver 42 yard line. The offense ran 5 plays, stalling at the Las Vegas 37. The refs took too long to spot the ball, and Fangio rushed Brandon McManus onto the field to attempt a 55-yard FG.

The miss put the Raiders in good field goal position, and cameras caught McManus yelling at Fangio on the sidelines. The whole situation was completely mismanaged, and was a pretty big moment in the game. Las Vegas pushed the ball into Broncos territory, and then kicked a 41-yard FG that capped off the scoring.

When McManus left the field after shanking the 55 yarder, you could tell he was upset about the situation. After 3 years, Fangio should have managed the clock better. He should have known to not rush a kicker out with 10 seconds left on the play clock to attempt a field goal of more than 50 yards. He should have done a better job of putting his player in a position to succeed.

I don’t know why McManus yelled at Fangio, but I am guessing that had something to do with it.

And it all comes back to accountability. The Broncos have one of the best defenses in the NFL, but they have one of the worst offenses. The game management is abysmal, and is not improving. They have been swept by the Raiders in a season when they were supposed to be better. Who is going to be held accountable for all this?

Not even a word about moving on from the garbage OC Pat Shurmur. Tom McMahon still has a job. Not one person is being held accountable for this team’s failures. While we are all out here having the same arguments about QBs, the Denver Broncos coaches and management are sitting comfortably in their jobs.

No end in sight to this continued fecklessness. Life long Broncos fans are tuning out. People who bleed orange and blue are just checking the scores.

We need major changes in Broncos Country. It’s a need that can only be fulfilled by someone holding the decision makers accountable for their actions. We all know this is about ownership. Until change comes at the top, none of this will ever matter.