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Will the Broncos land a big name QB during the off-season?

Tyler Dragon of USA Today doesn’t think so

Drew Lock’s top-3 PFF grade aside, the Denver Broncos are probably on the lookout for a new QB in 2022. As was the case last off-season, big names are the hot topic. Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers headline the list, but are either of those two elite QBs a possibility in Denver? Tyler Dragon of USA Today doesn’t think so.

With the way the defense has played this season, a legitimate starting caliber QB would catapult the Broncos into the conversation of playoff contention. More than that, they could be considered a favorite to compete with the Kansas City Chiefs for the AFC West.

While speaking with Ryan and Ben on Broncos Country Tonight, Dragon mentioned Rodgers relationship with the Green Bay Packers. He believes they are going to give in to Rodgers demands more, and that he will remain in Green Bay. Anything can happen, but this is an interesting perspective.

Here in Broncos Country it is easy to get lost in a narrative that leaves out the national perspective. While it may seem unimportant to listen to media members that don’t cover the Broncos, it does shed some light on what the NFL world thinks about Denver.

There is no secret that the Broncos are a QB away. With a true NFL starter Denver is a Super Bowl contender. Without one, they can’t score any points.

Obviously, Pat Shurmur is a part of the offensive problems. Vic Fangio brought him in to be his OC, and that has been a colossal failure. As good as the defense has been under Fangio, the offense has been just as bad. Perhaps the only way Fangio stays in Denver is to move on from Shurmur and bring in a new OC.

That won’t necessarily solve the QB issue, but it would be a start.