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Is the AFC West the best division in football?

Or is it the best division in the AFC? All four teams still, theoretically, in the playoff hunt.

The woeful offensive output over the last two games has led to fan confidence in the Denver Broncos to plummet to 25% with two games remaining. It seems no matter who is the quarterback, this team can’t find the end zone. To me, that shows how inept offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur has been at scheming his offense to the strengths of his players. He talked more about execution again this week and that is something he points to after every loss it seems. As a fan, I’m over that and I am sure most reading this would agree.

There is some interesting results in the national polling to discuss. Despite bringing up the rear in the AFC West, the Broncos are still theoretically in the playoff hunt. Although, they’d need to win out and have the results in these seven games go their way over the next two weeks to get in.

The AFC West came in second for the best division in football behind the NFC West. That is probably due to the top-heavy nature of that division with two teams with 10+ wins and the San Francisco 49ers right there in the playoff hunt as well.

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