So close but so far away

What today's game against the Chiefs showed is how close the Broncos are and how far away they are. Do we have the talent overall to compete with the Chiefs, yes. Do we have the HC and QB to compete, nope. Simple as that, we have shown we are not on KC or any other team that is in real contention as far as competing for a division title with our current coaching staff and current QB.

This team had more than enough opportunities to make this game really a contest, yet at every opportunity we found a way to let those opportunities turn into nothing. Likewise, we had enough times we shot ourselves in the foot to make this game to really never be in doubt for KC.

I am guessing we finish out the season somewhere near 0.500 (either 7-9 or maybe 9-7) although I would bet we are likely below 0.500.

I will continue to hope this team can be better than what they are, but I have serious doubts that is ever going to happen with the current staff and QB. I do appreciate what TB has tried to bring this season, and while I think he would be a great backup QB, it is clear he is not quality starting QB. Fangio is a solid DC, but a far below mediocre HC.

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