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The Broncos may have Russell Wilson on their minds for 2022

George Chahrouri joined BCT and discussed the possibilities.

Let’s get this out of the way right now. There is not really a scenario that calls for the Denver Broncos to put in Drew Lock for the rest of the season. George Chahrouri of PFF joined Ryan and Ben on BCT, and he and Ben both mentioned it was time for “Drewcember.” It most certainly is not.

We put that discussion to bed after his terrible showing against the Los Angeles Chargers when Teddy Bridgewater had to miss a little bit of the game with an injury. So, stop it. However, there is an interesting discussion out there right now about whether or not Russell Wilson could be available in the offseason.

If that were to become a reality, it begs the question, how much is too much for Wilson in a trade scenario?

Javonte Williams name came up as a potential piece to the trade puzzle. Speculation season doesn’t normally begin until later in the year, but with all the QB conversations in the last offseason, Broncos Country is well versed in this type of discussion.

There is also the question of whether or not Russell Wilson can continue to be Russell Wilson. His struggles in 2021 have certainly raised a few eyebrows. He has been injured, and the Seahawks offensive line is a basked with a hole in the bottom. Still, there will be questions about whether or not he is still a top tier QB.

As the Broncos continue to fight for a potential playoff spot, it seems strange to be talking about a potential trade for a QB in the offseason. With the QB play in Denver in the last 6 seasons, the conversation may be strange, but it isn’t a shock.

There could be a lot of changes in Broncos Country when the off season arrives. Whether or not that includes Russell Wilson in orange and blue remains to be seen. It makes for fun conversation, but nothing more.