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The Lions will play spoiler against the Broncos

The Broncos playoff hopes are in the balance against the Lions.

Quite frankly, the Denver Broncos were given a gift by the Minnesota Vikings. With the Detroit Lions next up on the schedule, the biggest fear many of us had was the Broncos being the first team to lose to the winless lions. Instead, the Vikings claimed that honor.

Still, the Broncos can’t even really win this game. This is a lose-lose situation. If you beat the Little Sisters of the Poor, you haven’t accomplished anything. If you lose them… burn it to the ground.

Detroit was scary because the possibility of being the team that handed them their first win was once on the table, it’s no longer an issue. However, as Ian St. Clair mentioned, Dan Campbell’s team will do anything for him.

Coming off their first win, it’s clear the Lions love their head coach. They may not be a good team, but they will fight for Campbell. That makes them a threat to steal a win. And, at this point in the season, the Lions are done. They have nothing to play for, but they also have nothing to lose. Every player on the team is playing for his NFL future. They want to put something on tape that shows they can play in the league.

That all adds up to a team that becomes dangerous down the stretch. The Broncos are in the playoff hunt. It may not feel like it, but they are. The Lions will be playing the role of spoiler, and Denver could fall into the trap of having their season spoiled. Who cares if Denver had to announce playoff tickets to season ticket holders? We are all just worried about them beating Detroit.

In the end, the Broncos should beat the Lions. One thing they have been able to do all season is rise to the occasion of playing bad teams. They have had hiccups, but they have also been victorious when no one gave them a chance.

As the Broncos try to keep pace in the AFC West, the Lions will play the role of spoiler. They look like they are a team that could be well suited to that position. All they have to do is win a game that they have no business losing. The Broncos are going to win... right?