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Does Broncos Country like Tom Brady now?

In the afterglow of Super Bowl LV, it seems like we do

Am I supposed to like Tom Brady now? Serious question. I keep seeing Broncos Country fawn over this “new” TB12. George Chahrouri of PFF joined Ryan and Ben on BCT and they talked about the likability of Brady after Tampa Bay won Super Bowl LV.

I’m not sure I can simply erase #FYTB from my world. In the minds of Denver fans, Brady should be one of the biggest rivals. The battles with Peyton Manning, on the field, and in conversations about legacy, should push fans to continue their disdain for Brady.

He puts on a new uniform, beats the Chiefs in the biggest game of the year, throws the Lombardi Trophy to teammates on a different boat, and is walked away from the parade wobbly from consumption, and now we all can’t help but like the guy?

As Chahrouri mentioned, getting out from the shadow of Bill Belichick in New England probably helped. Pinocchio became a real boy right in front of our faces. All the scandals that hovered over Brady with the Patriots seemed to remain up north when Tommy made his move to Florida.

It’s hard to not smile at the exploits of Brady after his latest success. Whatever iteration of clone this is clearly has a simpler time endearing himself to the world.

Von Miller sacking Brady in the AFC Championship game on the way to Super Bowl 50 will be etched in the memory of Broncos Country forever. The Broncos have been one of the few teams Brady has struggled against. Perhaps those struggles are what have made it easy for some fans to find him likable.

I’m not there, but I also wasn’t interested in continuing to write about what the Broncos should do about Drew Lock. Listen to the show. They have an interesting discussion about it. And no, they should not clone Lock to be the competition for Lock to see who should be the starter, Ben.