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Source: Deshaun Watson ‘intrigued’ by the Broncos

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reports the Broncos make Watson’s list. Sounds like the Jets don’t.

On ESPN’s Get Up this morning, Jeremy Fowler dropped a bombshell.

While there are a number of teams Deshaun Watson is intrigued by, we now know the Broncos are one of them while the New York Jets are not.

Fowler reported that Watson would consider the Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers, and Miami Dolphins. So even if the Jets are out of it, the field remains crowded. Considering the fact that Watson has some say in any potential destination because of the no-trade clause in his contract with the Houston Texans, this remains huge news.

For weeks there has been speculation that the New York Jets could outbid the Broncos if George Paton tries to acquire the star quarterback. New York currently has the second pick in the draft, which could hold appeal with a loaded 2021 class at the quarterback position. If the Texans are moved their quarterback to New York they could still have a chance at any rookie passer outside of Trevor Lawrence. If Watson won’t consider the Jets any deal is hard to imagine.

It remains to be seen if the Texans will entertain trade offers for Watson at all, however. Fowler reports that general manager Nick Caserio is dug in, which means the impasse could have no end in sight. Dragging out the stalemate could have ramifications around the league as other potential suitors work to address their own questions at quarterback. The 49ers were already linked to the Matthew Stafford trade before the Lions sent the 33-year old to the Rams.

I’ve written at length about what the Broncos offseason could look like if they were to make a historic trade for Watson. With the Broncos current supporting cast as well as the fact that Watson is just 25 years old with a bright future ahead of him, it looks like a no brainer to me. I do consider the Broncos a long shot to trade for the elite quarterback, however.

KOA’s Benjamin Allbright has reported that the Broncos “aren’t going to pay what it would take.”

We’ll have more on this as we learn it.