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Can George Paton solve the Broncos QB riddle?

It’s the only question that matters in Broncos Country

Dear George Paton,

We just need an answer already. Reports from all over the place seem to indicate the Denver Broncos are shopping for a QB. Unfortunately, it is the most pressing issue in Broncos Country.

As I told Ian St. Clair on the MHR Radio Podcast, until this question is settled, nothing else matters. That’s the regrettable truth of the NFL. Without the QB questions answered, none of the other issues can be focused on.

And it’s the not knowing that seems to be the hardest part. Reports of Deshaun Watson wanting a trade sparked the issue for fans. The struggles of Drew Lock in 2020 didn’t make things any more clear.

Watson isn’t the only QB potentially on the move. Rumors about Carson Wentz have sparked debate. Sam Darnold could be a possibility. Mitchell Trubisky would be... yuck. Teddy Bridgewater? Jameis Winston? It’s a bigger list than we would like to admit.

And frankly, there are other things that need attention. The defense has two studs in Shelby Harris and Justin Simmons that need new contracts. Not just need, but earned, and deserve.

Cutting AJ Bouye was probably just the start of changes. Jurrell Casey’s contract makes him a prime candidate for release. Even Von Miller’s future is uncertain.

But until the QB question is answered, it’s hard to focus on anything else. It has caused unrest throughout the land. Sniping statements on Twitter, accusations in the comment sections, and fans choosing sides is all too familiar to our community.

So, George, we are begging you. Do something. This offseason is already taking too long. It’s frigid all over. It’s freezing in Texas. Perhaps you could save Deshaun Watson from the Houston Texans deep freeze, and resuscitate an anemic Broncos offense.

Maybe I’m just being impatient, but I’m cold. I’m frustrated. I’m tired of watching a loser, and I see no end in sight until the QB question is answered, no matter what the answer is.